Friday, October 13, 2006

Two Glosses

I coveted YSL's Golden Gloss for quite some time, but somehow I've always managed to get some other gloss instead. But, a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to get my Golden Praline. It's a lovely neutral rose shade with a bit of beige in it. The color is almost nude on me, but it has a lot of sparkle. So much, actually, that I wouldn't wear it during the day. It looks great for a more glamorous night time face, with some heavy duty eye makeup. This pairing is a classic, because it keeps things balanced while not letting my lips look washed out.

The texture is very similar to Chanel's Glossimer. Not too sticky, but a bit gritty because of the sparkles. It doesn't bother me, unlike the way it smells. This is something I don't get. Golden Gloss is a luxury product. It's on the pricey side, has a beautiful packaging and it's supposed to make me feel glamorous. But it smells medicinal-herbal, and probably worse than any Juicy Tube I've ever came across. The scent lingers for about 15 minutes before it stops bothering me.

Unlike the YSL that ended up being a bit disappointing, I didn't have too many expectation from the long and narrow plastic tube of Urban Decay's Ultraglide. How wrong I was! It has become my favorite gloss over the last week. The color I'm wearing is Hustle, which is a plummish brown. It's pretty dark, so if you're fair-skinned I'd be somewhat careful with that, but looks very natural on me. It's shiny but no shimmer or sparkle, perfect for daytime and feels wonderful on the lips- not sticky or gooey.

It's lasting power is impressive for a gloss, and the smell is rich vanilla. It reminds me of a good-quality vanilla extract.

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