Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pacifica Solid Perfumes: Cute Things In Small Packages

As you can see, Lizzy and Giselle found these little pots of Pacifica Solid perfumes to be quite entertaining (then again, they are highly amused with twist ties, bottle caps, the zipper of my favorite hoodie and each other's tail). I enjoyed the cute packaging (they would make nice stocking stuffers) and portability: These tins are smaller than several of my lip balms.

Like most solid perfumes, these ones from Pacifica are low in sillage and stay very close to the skin, while still being detectable if you get close enough. It makes me think that they'd be ideal when one is stuck in a very small space, like on a flight (there's some travel in my very near future, so I think at least one of these tins are boarding the plane with me. The size is TSA-friendly). I apply them to the back of my hand (I like the smooth, waxy feel), so sniffing it to block those horrid airplane smells is another good use.

Out of the ones I tested, Spanish Amber is my favorite. While it's no Ambre Sultan, there's still enough richness and depth even in such a simple product, and the tenacity is great. When applied just before bed, I could still smell traces of it in the morning. My other favorite is Mexican Cocoa, a guilty gourmand indulgence of chocolate, spice and vanilla. Not for the boardroom or a night in the opera, but fun and comforting when you need it. The one that gave me serious issues was the very popular Tibetan Mountain Temple. I wanted to love this incense blend (ginger and a promise for vetiver and patchouli), but had a Serge Noir flashback: all curry, all the time. So I'm sticking with the sweet ones (and would have loved an enviromental oil in Avalon Juniper. It's clean, sharp and green, just like I'd love my house to smell on a winter morning. And maybe also laundry products).

Pacifica solid perfumes ($8.95 each) are available online from the company's website and can also be found at select Whole Foods stores. I receives these lot as a PR freebie.


  1. The cats....awwwww. Mine won't go near perfume. If I have it on my hands they'll back away. The Tonkinese uses his nose like a dog, sniffing out everything, so I can only assume he's hyper-sensitive to scent. The other one (a mutt) just doesn't appear to like perfume. Do your cats accept perfumes on their people?

  2. re Pacifica - I love the Mediterranean Fig - but the scent of the cream changes once on my skin (tried it on at Whole Foods), and the candle doesn't emit a scent when burning. I'll check into these perfumes tho, they are very cute! (p.s. my kitties don't like my perfumes much, but the one loves my face creams and anything I bathe in - which is mostly lavender or rose).

  3. These cats could get everything from me , except for my hoodie ;-)

    One comment on the side: I happen to own a few drops of real civet (for training purposes) and thought my mother's dog would fall over reaction. none. nada. zero! maybe she's anosmotic?

  4. Oh, I love your pics with cats!
    BTW do you know this blog:
    Tons of more or less funny pictures of cats.:-)


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