Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad Nail Polish

Here's something you can add to your shortlist of life certainties: The one nail polish Jennifer Aniston would never wear: I'm With Brad from the Sephora by OPI collection.

Not all of the colors in the line were created equal. Looking at the in-store display, I couldn't help but think that too many of the bottles had a seventies drugstore reject thing going on (read: cheap looking). But there are more than enough pretty and interesting shades. I got my mother a bottle of Let's Do Lunch, an elegant coral-beige, her seasonless signature color.

I was looking for something super dark, but yet different than all the other dark burgundy versions I already own. I'm With Brad was a perfect choice and is currently working hard in my fall-winter rotation. Sephora's web site describes it as "shimmering wine over dark coffee", which is another way of saying "reddish Coca-Cola". In any case, it's pretty, sexy and dark without going into Elvira's territory.

Application, as with most OPI polishes, is easy and smooth. Even I didn't manage to get it to streak. A single coat can be enough, but I like to use two to get the exact color of the bottle. Without a top coat, the first chips appeared after a couple of days, but when using one the polish lasts 6-7 days and looks great.

I'm not really a Brad fan, but when it comes to this polish, it really is Jen's loss.

Sephora by OPI nail polish ($9) is available from every Sephora store and online. I bought mine at my local mall.

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  1. This color is one of the best, can't believe it's not getting more love on the blogs! It makes my skin look like Snow White, I love when polish does that. My new dark favorite. btw I've been blogging on polish (as a newbie) on Sundays at the Posse. Last week: weird colors (You don't know Jacques and Metro Chic).


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