Monday, August 05, 2013

Costume National- Scent

Scent by costume National was launched in 2002 with its  sibling, Scent Intense. It was Costume National's first foray into fragrance and soon gained sort of a cult status. The popularity of Scent was  not just among fans of the fashion house, but also interested those of us who look for perfumes outside the mainstream. I don't think that Scent was all that innovative even then (it was the year that saw the release of M7, Vetiver Extraordinaire, CDG Incense Series, Safran Troublant, the emergence of houses such as Parfumerie Generale, DelRae, and Ormonde Jayne. Need I say more?), but it was obviously a well-thought, well-made, and easy to wear perfume.

Scent opens creating the impression of a fresh oriental and remains in that territory while gaining a woody quality. That freshness has a more masculine presence than I'd have expected, planting the fragrance firmly in a gender-neutral area. There's a mild floral presence in the heart. The note list says it's a white hibiscus, so I'm willing to go with that. The impression is sheer and abstract, not heady.

I have a much older mini bottle of this Costume National perfume which smells even thicker and woodier than the brand new sample, but this may be due to age just as much as to a change in the raw materials. Scent becomes more ambery with a light coating of sugar. It's still bouncy enough to feel just as wearable in hot and sticky weather (it blooms nicely in the heat), and lasts well. Scent is also a compliment-getter. It's simple and just smells really really nice.

Notes: amber, jasmine tea, white hibiscus and woods.

Costume National- Scent ($75, 50ml EDP) is available from Luckyscent.

Fashion photo from costume National 2006 campaign.
White Hibiscus by Marsha Heiken.

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  1. I love both Scent and Scent Intense and I have a lot of fond memories connected with these perfumes. You're right, they're not innovative but I remember myself back then, how astonished I was upon stumbling across these in my local Sephora. I was already a perfume addict at that point and being forced to constantly order samples online, I was blown away by Scent. So different from the mainstream Sephora stock. I bought Scent immediately, then I came back after a few days to purchase Scent Intense.


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