Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos Vs. Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander

Battle Orange, Part II

One last batch of light and cheerful orange perfumes, and I guess I've saved the best for last.

Jo Loves- Green Orange & Coriander
I don't  know what I was expecting from the second orange fragrance in Jo Malone's Jo Loves brand, but probably not a chypre vibe. Green Orange & Coriander starts as a green and herbal orange juice that becomes warmer and spicier. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the perfume becomes powdery, soapy and even greener. There's enough oakmoss there to actually make a difference. This is one pretty and ladylike perfume that's still light enough for summer, while offering an impressive longevity.

Green Orange & Coriander notes: Bitter Green Orange, Black Pepper, Coriander Seed, Coriander Leaf, Green Oakmoss, Tonka Bean.
Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander ( £45.00, 1 oz EDP) is available from The sample for this review was sent by the company.

Ramon Monegal- Entre Naranjos
Barcelona-based Ramon Monegal is responsible for several of my biggest perfume desires from the last couple of years. However, silly me had very low expectations of Entre Naranjos. The note list looked too simple and all about orange, but what I found is a rich ambery love. Entre Naranjos opens like a beautiful orange grove in full bloom lit with the morning sun. You're immediately transported to that beautiful place where the sky is always blue and the air radiates orange blossom. But it's more complex than that, as you'd expect from Mr. Monegal's work. The fragrance develops quickly into a very satisfying amber-wood blend. It's darkened by a touch of patchouli but still light enough to wear everywhere. Bottom Line? Entre Naranjos is one of the most beautiful orange perfumes I've ever tried.

Entre Naranjos Notes: Tunisian orange flower, orange, petitgrain, neroli, amber, Indonesian patchouli.
Ramon Monegal- Entre Naranjos ($185, 50ml EDP) is available from Luckyscent, Neiman Marcus, and The sample for this review was sent by the company.

Image: vintage orange crate label from an online auction.

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  1. If you’re growing cilantro in your garden it probably looks like this right now: a mass of beautiful little flowers and bulbous green seeds.


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