Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rococo Nail Apparel- Summer 2013

It's still summer, right? While my next post will show more gorgeous fall nail polish, these are three of the summer 2013 colors from Rococo (there's also a mint green that I didn't get). The colors are bright, sunny and happy, as you would expect. The finish is a smooth creme, which I love; sometimes one needs a break from shimmer.

Flashback is somewhere between coral and the juiciest blood orange. I'm all about coral this summer, and this fits the bill perfectly.
Bombshell is an almost fuchsia. I finally figured out that I actually prefer this shade in cooler months. Something about hash summer light makes them too much for me.
Flower Child was my big surprise. I'm not the biggest fan of yellow polish, but this light whipped lemon color captured my attention and I'm actually enjoying it. My hands are a mess right now (not wearing gloves when doing some work in the basement= not pretty), so you only get a glimpse of a swatch, but I hope you can tell how delicate and chiffon-like this yellow looks.

All three have a very thin consistency, which has also been my experience with a couple of other Rococo nail colors. The secret to application is to use even less polish than the minimal amount you think will work. It's always a good idea to do this, but in this case, this is a must. Two coats of Flashback and Bombshell gave me the color as it's seen in the bottle, but Flower Child required a third coat and a very patient application as it's more streaky than its siblings. The polish dries very quickly for a creme, which speeds the process a little bit.

Rococo Nail Apparel- Summer 2013 (Flashback, Bombshell, Flower Child, $16.50 each) are available from SpaceNK, Bloomingdale's (online and select locations), and The products for this review were sent for my consideration by PR.

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  1. Am I the only one who's totally over the crazy nail polish shades? I'm totally in love with YSL Beige Gallery right now--it's a true greige and utterly gorgeous. I hope more lines return to elegant neutrals for fall.


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