Thursday, August 08, 2013

Dior Hypnotique, Cosmos, Meteore: Diorshow Fusion Mono Cream Eye Shadow

The newest addition to Dior eye shadow line is Diorshow Fusion Mono. Diorshow Fusion is technically a cream eye shadow, but with the modern foamy gel texture that we've already seen from Chanel and Armani. Like their competitors, these Dior eye shadows are shiny with a somewhat metallic finish (especially when applied damp). They can be just easily blended (and applied, actually) with your finger as with a brush-- or with the foam applicator that comes in the box.

The one thing you can't do with Diorshow Fusion is pack it on. As you can see in the swatch above of Cosmos, the blue one, this is not the way to build intensity. Instead, use a damp brush (small and flat) or as mentioned above-- dampen Dior's sponge applicator and glide it over the lid. But for everyday use a quick swipe with a finger or a fluffy brush gives a semi-sheer wash of the pretty colors, and a smooth finish.

As soon as I removed the lids for the little jars to take the photos, two of the eye shadows dislodged and sprang out. They didn't break or fall apart, and apparently it has nothing to do with dryness: the eye shadows are brand new and retain their soft gel-like texture. It looks like more of the way the product sits in the glass jar-- it separates from the glass in a way that reminds me of the stage of making pâte à choux when the batter comes together  and pulls away from the saucepan. In any case, while I think Dior needs to figure out a solution, the jumping eye shadow doesn't affect application or texture. It's just annoying.

I chose three colors out of eight that are available (take note of an error on Nordstrom's website, as they switched between Meteore and Chimere):
Cosmos- a gorgeous light teal/blue.
Meteore- a basic coppery peach.
Hypnotique- a grayed purple. You know this one will be a best seller.

Each of the three is perfect on its own for a high result/minimal effort kind of look. Of course, they can be incorporated into more complex multi-step eye makeup, but I have yet to do that. For me, the charm is in the beautiful color and finish as they are.

Bottom Line: Not perfect, but really really nice.

Diorshow Fusion Mono Cream Eye Shadows ($30 each) are available at the counters and from


  1. I became a fan of this eye shadow formula a few years ago when Buxom came out with their line of cream/gel hybrid shadows (they are still my favorite of the current offerings) because of the whole time saving/ease of use deal but I have noticed that many of them do separate from their jars. It's annoying, but it's something I'm willing to tolerate for the pretty colors and lovely finish they offer. I love that I can swipe these on with a finger in 20 seconds and look like I've spend significant time on my eye makeup. I do hope eventually they'll figure out a way to keep the shadow from bouncing out of the jar, though.

  2. I do love a good cream-to-powder eyeshadow, the teal shade looks especially appealing. I don't need any more temptations argh.

  3. I own a couple of the Chanel cream shadows and they are also prone to dislogding; indeed I noticed Chanel changed the shape of the pots, but mine are "first generation" - I guess there's just something in the formula that keeps it from adhering to glass? Love them anyway.

  4. He missed just a little bit of originality...

  5. I think Cosmos or Hypnotique would be beautiful paired with Corinthian from LMdB for a smoky eye look!


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