Monday, August 26, 2013

Wantable Subscription Box- A Quick Look

Here's a confession: I'm not the biggest fan of subscription boxes. I know that some bloggers adore the idea because it lets us test and review more products for less money. That's a very good reason (not to mention a sanity and marriage saver), but I'm such a control freak that I need the ability to pick and choose items by myself. I simply don't care for random items landing in my dressing/makeup room waiting to be tested and reviewed. Thus, I wouldn't have given Wantable much thought had I not been approached and offered a free trial.

The thing about Wantable is that the service tries to personalize the selection according to one's needs and wants. You're asked a series of questions about each product category-- not just your color preference and skin type, but also what kind of items you're likely to enjoy, as well as what you don't ever want to find in the monthly box. I like this approach. It prevents frustration and waste. Wantable promises that you'll always get full size products (anyone who ever found themselves paying a monthly fee for a bunch of those single-use skincare packets will appreciate this). I doubt that you'll ever find Guerlain or Chanel makeup in your Wantable box, but the stuff I was sent seems not only decent, but actually brands I was at least curious about, so it will be tested and reviewed (I'm already quite impressed with the Face Stockholm brow powder).

Is the Wantable box worth the $40 one-time purchase price or the $36 monthly subscription? A quick calculation shows that what I got adds up to over $60 in makeup. So, I guess it is. The selection is less random than similar services, so you're not likely to find yourself with a neon yellow lipstick unless you specified that you want it. Personally, I still prefer to make the choice myself and have no surprises on my doorstep, but it's a decent option to consider, especially as gift to a young makeup lover.

The Wantable Box seen here was sent to me free of charge by the company.

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  1. I add your box up as worth at least $80. All of my boxes have been valued at $90-95. I love the brands and personalization.


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