Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pixi Cafe Gold Endless Silky Eye Pen

Pixi beauty is a an odd brand. Created by makeup artist Petra Strand, Pixi is UK-based  with a flagship store in London (22a Fouberts Place, within walking distance from Piccadilly). Here in the US, Pixi can be purchased online but also at Target. Sort of. What I mean is that most Target stores have a Pixi display with testers and everything, but I've never seen the shelves there looking like anything other than a disgusting mess. Missing, broken, and dirty testers; half the products out of stock, and a general atmosphere of chaos. That's not how I buy makeup as the mess is just not my idea of fun and luxury. Considering that the price of Pixi product is generally around that of Clinique or MAC, I expect at least not to get cooties from the testers.

The above doesn't change the fact that Pixi has some really good products. Their Endless Silky Eye Pen which is actually a range of waterproof pencils have a cult following and are one of those little makeup secrets of those in the know. The soft texture of the eyeliner is better than what you get from some top brands (yes, Chanel, I'm looking at you), and longevity and tenacity of this waterproof liner is phenomenal. It stays on till the end of days unless you employ a heavy duty oil-based cleanser. You need to smudge and manipulate quickly, because once the product sets, that's it.

The color range of Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen is wonderful. The shades are complex and rich, giving a very modern look. I promise to do a comprehensive swatching post of most of the colors in the line, but for now this is just a quick look at Cafe Gold (#8), a color that I'm wearing often these days. It's perfect for a summer look, with a quick wash of a neutral eye shadow, powder or cream. Cafe Gold is a medium neutral brown with a muted gold micro-shimmer that adds a  light to the eye without looking shiny. It's such a sophisticated color that if I weren't all about variety and constantly trying out new things, I would wear it as a signature look, and that should tell you something.

Bottom Line: terrific.

Pixi  Cafe Gold Endless Silky Eye Pen ($15) is available from Target and pixibeauty.com. The product for this review was sent by PR.


  1. love these! i have three, but my favorite is definitely black tulip, a lovely blackened purple with a little shimmer (not glitter) thrown in!

  2. You are so right about the Pixi displays at Target. I've seen that in several states; it's icky.

  3. I love Pixi's eye pencils too; they're amazing. I don't have has many as I'd like to, though, because of an unwillingness on my part to brave the disgusting cosmetics aisle at my local Target to procure them. It's a shame, because Pixi makes some really nice products. Their single shadows are lovely too - I have a taupe from Pixi that has worked its way into my daily beauty routine. It's too bad we have to endure the gross Target atmosphere to get access to an otherwise decent brand.

  4. Agreed. The Target atmosphere could improve. It would make displays like that so much more inviting.

  5. I've heard so much about these and really want to try them. I'm glad that we're finaly getting a Target near by and will try to go in the first week of opening to get a look and hopefully a good selection. I so agree with you, those displays can get real discusting.

  6. I ran to Target and bought one after reading your review and I am not disappointed. What a great product! It stays on my oily skin all day and that shimmer has me winking at myself in the mirror. It is so eye-catching without being too much. I love it; thank you.

  7. That's been my experience with the Pixi displays at Target too. It's a shame; being given the opportunity to try before buying is terrific (and led to me shelling out some serious money on Pixi today), but some slobs seem to have no issue ruining it for the rest of us. Pixi products are wonderful though.


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