Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lancome Chocolate Amande Color Design Eye Shadow Palette

Last month Lancome launched three eye shadow palettes as part of their Hypnotic Eyes Collection. It's been a while since I last bought a Lancome palette, and all of a sudden I found myself coveting all three. But reason won and I settled for one, Chocolate Amande 110, probably because of the taupe shade.

The texture of Lancome Color Design eye shadows has been refined and improved over the years. All the colors in this palette have a smooth, almost creamy texture. The liner is matte and very dark (the swatch was applied dry, one coat), and the four eye shadows are best describes as shimmer suspended in a very dense almost matte pigment. They look and feel quite luxurious.

I love the three middle shades, but  the one at the top that's supposed to be an all over base misses the mark for me. A matte would have worked better for this purpose. The champagne color is more of a highlighter as far as I'm concerned (Lancome designated the color on the far right as the highlighter in the Chocolate Amande palette, but I find it better as a lid color).

Bottom Line: one of the best releases of the season.

Lancome Chocolate Amande Color Design Eye Shadow Palette ($50) is available at the counters and online.


  1. I have not seen these in person yet; but yes; I think a matte is better suited for a base as well. Those shades sure are pretty though. Are they very shimmery? Or is is more of a glow-y shimmer?

  2. Beautiful. I was also wondering about other palettes that have more matte shades.

  3. I agree with you so much --- a matte would be so much better!!! I would buy it then!!!

  4. I think this is the best Lancome has done in this palette format. I have several of the Color Design 5-pans from over the last few years, and they suffer from varying degrees of sparkle overload (an LE one from last winter is the worst offender, but even the permanent options can lean a little Vegas for work). Once I played with these in store and realized they wouldn't leave me with a face full of glitter, I also had to talk myself out of buying all three.


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