Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Annick Goutal- Grand Amour

It's spring, so lovely florals are in order, which is a bit of a problem, considering that many of my favorite fragrances, with their wood, spice and leather notes are dark and brooding. Not exactly the thing to wear for a day in the botanical gardens.

However, I do own a pretty scent (or two, or...), and there a few lovelier scents than Grand Amour by Annick Goutal. It might be the most "perfumy" of all the bottles in my collection. There's something very lady-like and classic in it, from the first blast of hyacinth and honeysuckle of the top notes (the lily doesn't bother me here) that is almost too pretified for me, but not quite. The rose and jasmine give it enough wicked sensuality to keep it from becoming too white gloves and the Queen's garden party.

Grand Amour remains very beautiful, almost heartbreakingly so, as it develops on the skin. The official site calls it "serene" and I have to agree. It's quiet and deep, but never too heavy or too solemn. The amber-vanilla-myrrh dry-down is perfectly balanced to my nose, never gets too sweet or too sharp. It retains a degree of youth and magic even when it reveals the more sensual and knowing face.

The story behind the scent is of love and devotion. Annick Goutal has created it for herself, to capture her love for her husband. What's better than a spring fragrance made with and for love?

Annick Goutal Grand Amour ($160, 100ml EDP) is available from Luckyscent.


  1. Oh! You've just reminded me I really need to get a bottle of this one! I think the AG line is underappreciated among the perfumistas. Yes, it's very "perfume-y" -- but in a good way.

  2. March- I completely agree. AG deserves much more recognition and respect. Making pretty perfumes is an underrated art.


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