Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent: Style - Book Review

Yves Saint Laurent: Style is the companion book to a traveling exhibition of the late designer's work. I guess that's the reason it was released as a paperback and not in a coffee book format, which would have suited it well.

Yves Saint Laurent: Style introduces the main themes and inspiration for YSL's designs, but does not follow a chronological order (though there is a chronological index of designs as an appendix). I loved seeing the drawing and sketches with the attached fabric swatches by themselves as well as next to photos of the actual dresses. Each image in the book is numbered and accompanied with a short description of the outfit, material, show/season and in some cases even the names of celebrities who ordered it, from the Duchess of Windsor to Catherine Deneuve.

While this is probably not the ultimate reference book for Saint Laurent's designs (and to be fair, it was not meant to be) due to the way the information is presented, it's still a pleasure to leaf through and sigh at the beauty of the dresses. It makes me sorry I was not born in the right time or place (and let's face it: income bracket) to see and live this kind of glamor.

The book was created in collaboration with Foundation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent, and the autors' names are missing from the front cover and only appear inside. The text was actually written by Florence Müller, a fashion historian (probably one of the coolest professions ever) and the curator of the exhibition and Hamish Bowles, of Vogue fame.

Yves Saint Laurent: Style ($50 list price) is available for $31.50 on Amazon. I received it as a PR freebie.

Image: Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian-inspired sack dress on

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  1. You should see the book that was recently released in French about Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé's home. It is really exceptional and such a wonderful glimpse into his world!

    Kisses from Paris!



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