Monday, January 05, 2015

Hakuhodo K032 & K019 Eyelash Combs

I decided to check what else is out there in the world of eyelash combs (I've been using the same double-sided brow/lashes Sephora one for at least ten years now). The obvious choice was to go with Hakuhodo and see what they offer. I chose two different combs: the pink K032 (I believe Lisa Eldridge used the black version in a recent video), and the angled K019 (identical to B019).

The main difference, other than the angle, between these two Hakuhodo products is that K032 uses tapered metal bristles (like my old Sephora one, but the gaps seem more suitable for my lashes. The prongs of K019 are shorter and made of plastic (prone to breakage), but I do like the way you have to hold the comb and the Hakuhodo general sleekness.

Which one is better? It depends. I think I like K032 better, because I'm so used to combs with metal teeth. Both of them do an excellent job separating the lashes and removing mascara clumps. Shorter lashes might benefit from the shorter K019, but that's about it.

Bottom Line: it's all good as long as nobody loses an eye.

Hakuhodo K032 ($8) and K019 ($14) Eyelash Combs are available from


  1. LOL! Losing an eye is really bad. I've been using a folding metal one for a long time, but you know what? I'm actually too lazy to comb most of the time and really my lashes are too skimpy to make a huge difference anyway. ;)

    Happy New Year, Gaia!!!

  2. Well, it seems that I am not the only one that has been neglecting my lashes! I have treated myself to some wonderful makeup brushes but I too have been using the same old comb for years.

    This little feature is very useful for when I finally sucumb and make a Hakuhodo purchase. I think I too would go with the metal comb ;)

  3. If you are still hunting for more good eyelash combs, check out Sephora's house brand folding one - it's called the lift off lash comb. I really like it because it has metal bristles (which I find necessary), it doesn't have a brow brush (I prefer a separate spoolie), and it folds (not necessary, but nice if it's in a bag with other items).


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