Monday, January 19, 2015

Tom Ford 'Lips & Boys' Lip Color: Francesco, Giacomo, Luciano

Tom Ford first released the 'Lips & Boys' colors in limited edition lipstick trios, with the questionable nationality theme. I bought the Italian Boys trio weeks ago, but now the same lipsticks are offered individually, which is fantastic if you only want one or two. As with the earlier edition, these are a bit smaller than the regular lipsticks (70% of the full size), so not quite mini, just a little more compact, which is fine with me considering my Lipstick Situation. Fans of Tom Ford lipsticks will be happy to hear that Lips & Boys are of the regular formula that's creamy and nurturing while giving a full blast of long-lasting pigments. I adore them, and I absolutely love that these smaller lipstick come with a reasonable price tag that's easier to justify.

The colors I have are Francesco, Giacomo, and Luciano:

Luciano is a light-to-medium red with cool undertones that leans berry, Francesco is a rich fuschia with a mild red base that makes it very wearable for me, while Giacomo is the warmest of the three, rosy with coral tendencies (more on skin and pale lips than in the tube or on darker lips like mine). I like all three, with Luciano being in a similar ballpark to some lipsticks I already have as it's my natural choice. Giacomo brightens the face in a subtle way, and Francesco is a classic pretty color.

Bottom Line: now that you can get these outside of the sets I see myself adding another one or two.

Tom Ford 'Lips & Boys' Lip Color: Francesco, Giacomo, Luciano ($32 each) are available from Neiman Marcus and select other department stores.


  1. None of the ones I bought came in sets. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how many of these I've purchased. Gave four of these to my daughter as a present to ring in the new year. I do love them, very, very, very much.

  2. I've ordered Luciano. It was already in my cart, and the swatch just made me pull the trigger. Does anyone know whether certain colors are exclusive to specific stores? Typically prefer to order from Nordstrom, but only N-M had this shade.


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