Thursday, February 05, 2015

How to Get a 10% Off At Osswald NYC?

This doesn't happen every day! Osswald NYC is planning a spring cleaning and are redoing their famous wall of miniature bottles (the most beautiful feature wall ever, if you ask me). They're looking for  bottles – preferably vintage - that still have some or most of the fragrance in the bottle.

If you have minis that you’d like to donate to Osswald (and be part of the wall above), they'll offer you a 10% discount code (one use only) good for anything on their website (those are brands that never ever go on sale). They will also pay for shipping.

Not all bottles will be accepted – a photo or photos of the bottles will be required before Osswald approves the donation, and said photos do NOT guarantee acceptance.

For more details, email Josie at [email protected] – a discount code will be emailed to you upon acceptance and receipt of your donated bottles.

Photo via Osswald Facebook page.


  1. Though I don't have anything to offer at this time, this is a great tip! Thank you,

    Bloomington, IN

  2. Gaia, did you send them anything? I have a Diva mini I'm thinking about.


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