Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Want: Sulwhasoo Powder Compact Plum Blossom Design

I'm not much of a collector (other than perfume), and have been doing my best not to fall into the rabbit hole of accumulating gorgeous compacts. I'm not always successful, since I do have a thing for Guerlain pressed Meteorites, Lauder's Zodiac collection, and I also found myself scooping up a beautiful vintage compact covered in an alligator* skin a few years ago. But other than these occasional slip-ups I've been good. Really.

That's why I've staunchly ignored the beautiful compacts from Korean brand Sulwhasoo. I like several Sulwhasoo  skincare products (the cleansing oil and the ginseng range), but I've never tried their powder. The one that comes in this jeweled case is an anti-shine one, which is not something I need.  Still, I've been staring at their Plum Blossom compact (a design that was first debuted in 2008 and relaunched a couple of times since) and finding myself coveting it. The mosaic is handmade by Korean craftsmen, and I'm in awe of it. Enough so to consider removing the mattifying powder with a brightening one (I need to find out the dimensions)  just so I can have it.

Sulwhasoo Powder Compact Plum Blossom Design ($150) is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.



  1. That is oh so beautiful!

  2. Oh, please do share if you find out the dimensions! That compact is gorgeous. I'd love to house my Voyage meteorites powder in there... :)


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