Thursday, September 17, 2015

Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector- Pressed

I figured it was time to try the pressed version of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector when I realized that the fill level in my bottle  was getting lower rather quickly. What can I say? Just like anyone and their teenager cousin I've been a highlighting fiend this past year, and Becca Moonstone is probably the easiest to wear product I have in this category. I'll need to replace the bottle soon enough, but in the meantime I wanted to test the pressed powder and see how it compares.

Moonstone is a gorgeous color. A pale yellow gold that's not too yellow or too anything, delicate enough (not Tom Ford level, but still exceptional) to avoid the disco ball effect, and easy to blend with any brush you can think of: a fan, a tear-drop, a a wide fluffy one, an ultra soft and wide squirrel eye shadow brush... it all works, and I can highlight and diffuse to the desired degree. The initial effect is more intense than liquid Moonstone, and for this reason I prefer the original Shimmering Skin Perfector. I like to mix a drop or tow with my base products for a subtle effect, and like that in a small amount the liquid can be used all over the face, while the pressed powder is a bit of an overkill for that. But as a precise directional highlighting powder that blends right into the skin and gives a gorgeous glow, Moonstone is a pleasure to wear.There are no actual particles and I don't get shiny debris flying all over. The intensity level is reasonable. I know it looks bright as a straight swatch, but it's easy to sheer the powder into a veil of light, which is what we all want.

The color itself is magical, in my opinion. My skin tone and its weird undertones make very colorful highlighters look off more often than not. The almost lack of color with just a hint of gold works well for me and looks more natural than you'd expect. For reference, I'm technically between NC30-35 (closer to 30 these days), with a visible ashy green (not olive) cast, and not a hint of sunkissedness.

Bottom Line:  It ain't easy being green, but a good highlighter helps.

Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector- Pressed ($38, made in USA) is available at Sephora.

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