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Lancôme Mes Incontournables de Parisienne Multipalette

I guess it's not completely true that Lisa Eldridge can sell me anything, because I passed on her Lancome Audacity In Paris Eyeshadow Palette. Too many rosy and purple-leaning eye shadows for me, and I couldn't get excited about it, a Lisa-design or not. Nowadays I need to make sure I'm going to get a lot of use from a palette (or anything, really) before it's allowed to take up space in my dressing room. But somehow I found myself waiting impatiently for the release of Lancôme Mes Incontournables de Parisienne Multipalette after watching this video of Lisa Eldridge and Caroline de Maigret, with whom I was only vaguely familiar:

It's almost funny, since I don't actually buy the Parisian woman myth. I've been to Paris enough times to realize that Parisian women come in all shapes, colors, and taste levels. It's probably where I've seen the largest number of fashion victims per square foot (square meter?), as well as some true elegance. But that's neither here nor there. I might talk about this some more if I decide to review Caroline de Maigret's 2014 book, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. Today we're here to talk about the Lancôme  palette.

It starts with the packaging that looks like an elegant black clutch with a decorative buckle. Then there's the design itself that includes a sturdy plastic cover that flips up over the cream blush, to keep it from getting contaminated by the powder products. Lancome is generally good with these things: their cream shadow pot have an inner cap that keeps the product from drying. It's something everyone should do (giving Chanel the stinkeye as I type).

The colors in the Mes Incontournables de Parisienne are trying to be as universal as possible. They're neutral, easy to wear, and are as classic and timeless as they come: muted taupe-leaning eye shadows, and a natural rosy blush create the basic look. The "highlighter" is not really a face highlighter and more of a pale base shadow that leans just a bit pink; then there are three brow shades. The thing is that nobody needs three eyebrow powders, though it's always nice to have the option to blend two and customize your color. But if you need the lightest (and warmest) shade you probably cannot use the other two (and vice versa).

There are two double-ended brushes included in the palette: a very good eyebrow one that offers a spoolie and a classic angled brow brush, and an acceptable eye shadow brush (synthetic; one side flat, the other one fluffier and on an angle. Watch how Lisa puts it to a good use). The latter is not ideal but it can work in a pinch. I think that for the price of the palette Lancôme could have made a better effort with the brush, and/or include an eye pencil (I loved the one in the tutorial).

Back to the colors in the palette. The blush was an instant love. Lancome kept releasing and discontinuing various versions and formulas. The one here reminds me of my beloved and long-gone Petticoat Pink, maybe a bit brighter (it's been a while). The texture is very (very!) emollient and will probably not suit oily skin, but as long as you have a good base underneath (and maybe powder if you really need it) the blush will blend perfectly (you're encouraged to use fingers) and stay in place for several hours.  The eye shadows are beautiful, smooth and satiny- among the best ones Lancome has produced, and the colors are rich and complex. I wish the fifth, the highlighter, were beige, but I love the four core colors, They go from matte (the highlighter, which is too chalky and powder for me without a good creamy primer, and the lightest mocha shade) to satin and full-on shimmer (no glitter particles, and no fallout).

The set nearly all you need to carry with you, and it simplifies things when travelling. For many of us it's a "just add mascara and you're done" thing. And a lipstick. And eyeliner. And. But I've never claimed to be a minimalist.

Bottom Line; Oui!

Lancôme Mes Incontournables de Parisienne Multipalette ($95, made in France) is currently a Nordstom exclusive. Lancome website shows it as out of stock right now, which I suspect will change once Nordstrom's exclusivity runs out.


  1. Do you happen to know the name of the colour that Lisa applies to the woman's lips in the linked video?

  2. " I've been to Paris enough times to realize that Parisian women come in all shapes, colors, and taste levels. It's probably where I've seen the largest number of fashion victims per square foot (square meter?), as well as some true elegance. But that's neither here nor there”…………………..

    Was this necessary? I took a very long break from your blog, along with many of my friends, because reading a product review with judgement about other women is uncalled for. For example, you have spoken of those of us with pierced ears being “vulgar” and you seem to think you are the establishment of all good taste and grace. Haven’t you noticed when you post a handbag or a pair shoes you adore you receive few comments? It’s because people know if they have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Why don’t use your blog to bring women together, spread your vast product knowledge, instead of being breaking down women. You lost our group again.

    1. A blog like this is for the writer to voice her opinions. If you don't agree, that's fine, but your ad hominem attack seems really uncalled for. This reminds me so much of what is going on in out culture today: everything has to be so PC that it's impossible to express and opinion. If you do, it's called out as being sexist, racist, or any of a million other things dubbed micro-aggressions. Might as well fold the tent and go live in the desert. Oh, whoops. That's a micro-aggression against people who live in the desert.

    2. Well put, Roseanne! kristina C is just trying to stir the pot. The nonblonde has been around a long time, long before you, kristina, and will be here long after you. If you don't like her posts, don't read them. It's nonblonde's opinion.

  3. I agree with you on the Parisian women - they are not all Chic. There are tasteful women throughout the world.
    To be a feminist is to say what you think !
    That being said .... I think that Lancôme palette is lovely .

  4. To me the comments came across as personal observation rather than judgement. I have a dear friend who is French and she always looks fantastic but then I have friends from different nationalities who also look a million bucks as well. I think we can take comfort from the fact that no one country or city has a monopoly on style and good looks.

  5. Why have a personal blog if not to give voice to your own opinions? Gaia's simply saying she doesn't buy the notion that French women are superior when it comes to chic. That's OK. Her blog, she can say that. Besides, we all know that Lancôme uses a marketing strategy based on the notion that French women supposedly have a superior level of elegance and chic and, if we want to achieve that same level, we will need to buy their products. There's nothing wrong with that. Lancôme is, after all, a French brand. But, that doesn't mean we have to swallow the whole French women are superior shtick hook, line, and sinker. I have lived in a few European countries (France being one of them) and have visited many more. I didn't find that any one country was superior to any other in terms of the beauty and chic of its women. It is true that before the Internet, style and fashion was less homogenous, but now that beauty has gone global, the differences are negligible. All that being said, I, too, find the myth of the French woman to be a bit silly, but I bought this lovely palette anyway :-)

  6. After all, if we're honest, amongst our friends when we talk about beauty and fashion, we do discuss, judge, criticize, applaud, laugh, etc. and it's fine. I haven't yet met a person who is saintly enough to cast the first stone.


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