Monday, August 08, 2016

Suqqu Eyebrow Brushes G & S

One would think that the glut of brow products at the stores (including by brands that focus or became a household name because of eye brows), or the time YouTubers take making up thei brows on screen and then featuring them on Instagram, would make eyebrow brushes the nest big tool craze. After all, gone are the days where you could either buy a mediocre scratch and overpriced makeup brush at the counter, or tiptoe into a MAC store for the real thing. Makeup brushes are the power tools of the makeup nerds, so why not talk more about eyebrow brushes? They're more than just spoolies (though you can and should buy online packs of disposable ones).

In my continuous mission to go where the obsessed go, I've been collecting Suqqu brushes, so it was time for the two eyebrow brushes (I'm a devoted used of the liquid pen and he pressed powder). Suqqu offers two distinct brow brushes:

Suqqu Eyebrow Brush S, a stiff and precise angled brush made of a 50-50% blend of weasel and badger hair.
Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G, which is rounded, slightly thicker, and have an almost uneven natural edge. It's made of  100% raccoon hair.

The only other brush similar to G I've had until now is the one by RMK. Learning to use it and take advantage of the beautiful natural texture it gives to an eyebrow was a revelation (perfect for powders or for a powder plus gel combination). This is the brush to use when you want to take your time and create the most natural-looking yet health brow that works with what you have naturally and avoid any and all sharp angles.

Suqqu Eyebrow Brush S is of a classic shape and size and top-notch quality for an angled brush. I'm showing you comparisons to other classic Japanese brushes of the same style, Shu Uemura 6 OB (Badger) and my pretty princess of a brush, Hakuhodo S163. All of them are perfect for drawing life-like thin hairs where the're missing and creating crisp edges. For me, those are brow-tail essentials, since mine naturally stop about two fingers from the end of the brow bone (I was born this way. Yet another thing my dad deserves to be blamed. Like my flat feet).

There are many options in various price ranges for the classic angled shape, including various widths and slopes (Hakuhodo has a legion), but sadly the more organic shape isn't as popular, and I can't see an equivalent on Hakuhodo's US site or among the Chikuhodo brushes offered by Beautylish. A close shape but significantly softer are the delicate rounded tightlining brushes (Hakuhodo G5512, Chikuhodo GSN-11 Shadow/Liner, or Chikuhodo PS6 Edge (the pink ones). It's either that or a phone call to your friendly Selfridges SA (they stock both RMK and Suqqu, with crazy shipping but none of the temper inducing markups of

Suqqu brushes are officially sold at Selfridges ($25 for Suqqu Eyebrow S and $34 for G, the fabulous exchange rate has been brought to you by Boris Johnson). They're made in  Japam, like all Suqqu products.

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  1. I've never tried the rounder, softer eye brow brush. Except for a sparse patch in the middle of one eye brow I am lucky to have a rather full set of brows, having heeded my mother's warning when I was a teenager to not pluck my brows too thinly. I really need to place an order with Selfridge's before the exchange rate becomes unfavorable again. I figure if I order enough goods the shipping rate will begin to seem a little more reasonable.


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