Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Chanel Rouge Profond Joues Contraste Blush Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection No.1

Everyone is all about eye shadow palettes. I know, me too. But there's more makeup to lose our minds about, such as Chanel  Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection No.1. It's not just beautiful, but also elevates the familiar Chanel aesthetics and textures, infuses them with the current trend of warm matte colors, and generally made me fall into the rabbit hole one item at a time. I first got the new Chanel Rouge Profond Joues Contraste Blush, because a matte Chanel blush, it was obvious. Then I needed one of the new Rouge Allure lipstick (the red one, obviously) for completion sake. And finally and despite my better judgment I got the eye shadow quad my close friends are now howling with laughter). Because, well, it was there.

I love Chanel blushes. Something about the combination of the texture and finish of Chanel blushes usually creates the much-coveted natural glow. Even when Chanel does shimmer it's usually a very refined version, with the notable exception of that insufferable Alezane from last fall, which had a marvelous color and a shockingly unwearable glitter content. Rouge Profond Joues Contraste Blush from Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection No.1 could not be more different. It's a brick red matte, smooth as can be, and so far any blending brush I've thrown its way worked beautifully. 

Obviously, I had to compare Rouge Profond to its red predecessor, Chanel Rouge from the fall 2011 Byzance collection (later became a Euro and duty free exclusive). The original Rouge was the baked formula with a dose of blendable, melt-into-your-skin shimmer. I love it for the right makeup looks, even if I don't wear it too often. You can see that its base is more red-pink next to the warm brick of Rouge Profond, so there's a full justification for the Chanel junky to own both. 

Bottom Line: The perfection I expect from Chanel.

Rouge Profond Joues Contraste Blush Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection No.1 ($45, made in France) is available at the counters and from chanel.com.


  1. Ah! This is just the comparison I needed to take the plunge. It felt beautiful to the touch. I can't wait to purchase this one. Thanks, Gaia!

  2. Oh, so beautiful...just placed my order. I hate cold weather, but this blush almost makes me yearn for fall. Looks like it will be a perfect color for crisp afternoons and winter evenings.


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