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Currently- February 2017

I've taken up genealogy research for both sides of the family, mine and the husband's, pondering the neverending and utterly confusing ways of spelling common names like Isaac, Rebecca, Esther, and Maurice, both populating every branch of the family tree.  I also took the basic DNA test that dispelled a very long-standing family myth. The 0.0% Sephardi Jew in the report was especially surprising. At least that's one place I can skip when digging for Isaacs and Davids. Combing through records of people from Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, and in the husband's case the Czech Republic has opened more questions than it solved.  My Bulgarian side is particularly difficult to crack. The coolest part, though, is connecting with various third cousins, exchanging information and photos of common ancestors (the aforementioned Maurices. Or Moritzes. Or Mauricius. Take your pick). It's a good distraction, if nothing else.

My attention span has been making it hard to stick with any particular book. Or paragraph. I am waiting, though, for two hardcovers that are about to be released: Ines de le Fressange's second book (I disliked her first one, so go figure), and the much-anticipated Trish McEvoy tome, The Makeup of a Confident Woman: The Science of Beauty, the Gift of Time, and the Power of Putting Your Best Face Forward. Because we all need more beauty and style books (those familiar with the bookshelf situation in my house are snorting with laughter).

Just replace the names in the lyrics with "George and Bowie".

Restored on HGTV. Not to be confused with other home restoration shows, Brett Waterman is the real deal and amuses to me no end. If you like Nicole Curtis, you'll worship Brett and his commitment to stripping layers of paint from Arts & Crafts doors and built-ins.

Link My version of time-travel.


A Valentine's Day gift from the husband (not Philip. He's been here for a while).

Various cream and creamy eye shadows. There's an interesting palette I'll show you on Monday.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
This is the time of year when I get extremely fed up with winter clothes in general and mine in particular. Everything feels worn to death, no matter how much creative accessorizing I do or how deep my fashion collection goes. It was fun to dig out a long black dress I bought a decade ago from Adrienne Vittadini (when the brand still had really nice boutiques offering well-made clothes), a twelve year old DVF knit jacket in red, black, and olive that I nearly forgot I had, and a funky pair of vintage Pucci boots, but I'm over it. Done. DONE. Give me a sundress and a silk scarf.

I'm also kind of done with food right now, thanks to a Thai dinner that kept me up last night.

My iPad is at its final throes. A new version is expected to be released in a matter of weeks. Let's see if the old relic can hold on until then.

My mom's butter cookies with date paste filling.


I took this picture earlier today in our backyard.

To but the two properties closest to us, bulldoze down the houses down and fill the space with trees, a koi pond, a raccoon habitat, and goats wearing pajamas.

Random Thought
Apparently Karl Lagerfeld got Meryl Streep confused with Instagram personalities.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Photo: Cardinal In End Of Winter Rain by James Oppenheim, 2011


  1. Fascinating read about genealogy research! I've been planning to take a DNA test for some time. I know very little about my (Tyrolean) father's side, but on my mother's (mostly Finnish) side there has been a Polish ancestress.

    Skam - an amazing Norwegian teen drama, just brilliant!

    Skam has an excellent soundtrack, too, found this song on it:

    February was very much about soulmate scents like Yohji and Messe de Minuit, I was also in the mood for irises and Annick Goutal (finally wore Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille!)

    Was in the mood for purple, so wore MAC Heroine lipstick and Essie Flowerista nail polish.

    Frequently worn item
    My purple Inouïtoosh scarf (a perfect match with my lips & nails)

    Blinis! Also vast quantities of spinach.

    A trip to Lviv (have been waiting for this for twenty years), and my 50th birthday.

  2. OK! Cheer up. Spring really is not terribly far off. But I really do get it, there are numbers of things upon the horizon that are more than a bit concerning. As always thank you for sharing and the opportunity to share back. You are still my fav - greatest blog.

    I am simply loosing myself in female mysteries Laura Childs being my current favorite author of the genera. At the moment, I do not wish to read anything intellectual. I get enough about politics and where we are going from the NYT.

    Anything classical, but soft and uncomplicated will do the trick. I don’t wish to have to think about my music right now. I just wish to be soothed.

    You’d never know that I was 70 and my husband was 65 if gauged by our TV ownership. We purchased our first large, flat-screened TV after Christmas. None of our friends believe that we finally gave in to modernity. The only TV I really love is Acorn TV which is Brit. It was great to see Mid-Somer Murders on something besides my 12-inch Mac.

    I am getting mentally ready for spring.

    PerfumeMandy Aftel’s Fig, Amber Tapestry, Honey Blossom and Vanilla Smoke.
    I am really into skincare more than make-up. So I am loving May Lindstrom (whose potions are divine and who is a beautiful person to deal with) Odacite and Drunk Elephant.

    Frequently worn outfit/item
    A am wearing a wonderful new vest from Planet, purchased through Artful Home. I used to carry her jackets when I had a boutique and I love her jackets/vests.

    Hmm, I love Thai. But you are right, it does a number on one’s insides. We do have a new Ramen place that is divine, if you can get in the door.

    The political climate.

    Getting lost in a fluff mystery.


    To go back to our former home – nope, not happening.

    Random ThoughtI hope we are not drawn into another war.

  3. Adrienne Vittadini! I remember owning and adoring a few items of clothing from the line--but that was far more than a decade ago. I hope you got a smile out of wearing your black dress.

    I am just getting over a doozy of a cold, which has had me sounding like Barry White for nearly two weeks, so my JOY is to be able to smell perfumes again. In particular, I can't get enough of Atelier Cologne's Rendez-Vous. An absurd indulgence, but I really love it.

  4. -Book - Dark Money or No Ordinary Men: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans von Dohnanyi, Resisters Against Hitler in Church and State.

    -Music - anything happy and bouncy, like Disco-bouncy.

    -TV - The West Wing.

    -Perfume - vintage Samsara perfume and vintage Magie Noire perfume.

    -Makeup - I'm totally enamored with Missha's BB Cream and Guerlain's 2012 Turnadot eye palette (WHY do I fall in love with discontinued makeup items)?

    -Frequently Worn Outfit/Item - Lots of cashmere, in particular a cocoa brown cashmere Banana Republic sweater purchased from a consignment shop for $20. (not a typo)

    -Food - Vegetarian meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes, my go-to comfort food.

    -Bane - Politics.

    -Joy - My kitties and a good night's sleep.

    -Anticipation - A consult with my liver transplant team and the next round of tests.

    -Wishlist - to see a Cardinal, they are one of my favorite birds.

  5. Book: Anne Perry's "Treachery at Lancaster Gate". Nothing quite like a good British mystery, cup of hot tea, and a fire in the fireplace to pass the time on a cold and rainy day.

    Music: I've been trying to listen to some John Adams. He's a brilliant composure, but I guess I just don't get him.

    TV: "The Blacklist" while I await the return of one of my guilty pleasures--"Lucifer".

    Perfume: Because of the cold and rain, I'm back to wearing Musc Ravageur. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Makeup: I'm getting in the mood for lighter shades and clearer colors. In short, I'm getting in the mood for spring.

    Frequently worn: Something, after five years of severe drought, I thought I'd never wear--rainboots!

    Food: Tonight it's homemade chili with chunks of jalapeño and cheese cornbread.

    Bane: Nah! I'm almost 74 and life is too short to let "banes" creep in.

    Joy: The rains have greened the surrounding hills and blanketed them with wild flowers. Beautiful!

    Anticipation: Seeing all the neighborhood gardens burst into bloom. It's going to be a real treat this year.

    Wishlist: Tom Ford's Solar Exposure palette. I have the other two (Warm and Cool) and have gotten so much use out of them as I've been taking them on my travels. This new palette seems to sit between the other two and so it should be a nice option for a more neutral, delicately hued look.

    Random thought: I wish I could underline book titles when I write in the comment section! Not being able to do so drives me crazy :-P

  6. Anticipation: spring - loved your picture of a cardinal. Heard 2 cardinals in the woods, one on the L and one on the R. The song traced an arc, back and forth, reminded me of an antiphonal chorus.

    Wearing: (this is Canada) boiled wool cropped jacket with a poppy design with petals flaring around the neck, no need for a scarf, zips up diagonally and keeps me warm. Tech gloves for taking pictures with the cell phone, no need to expose fingers to the blustery cold. Snow drops are cropping up, but bittersweet because it is our last spring in this house before we move to a condo (we are both nearly 70 and cannot do the stairs any more).

    Makeup/beauty routine: Ellis Faas foundation: mix of 204 (a lovely warm light ochre that you captured so well in your photo) and 203 (a creamy medium ivory with a faint touch of pink), along with Ellis Faas blush (304, again beautifully captured by your camera) which lasts until kingdom come. Givenchy Mr light concealer over dark circles. Nothing for wrinkles/life/laugh lines/silver hair - I've earned them all!


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