Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Valentine's Day (Night) Makeup Look

The one above was an outtake, since Gloria was there helping me get ready (meaning: reaching for brushes, dipping her paws in powder, headbutting, singing about the glorious life of being Gloria the kitten, and taking off with stuff that will never be seen again). The Blond and I celebrated Valentine's Day at our favorite restaurant, Kajitsu.  We got engaged on that day twenty one years ago, so it's always been a special occasion for us. I doubt Gloria cares, though.

I think this photo actually shows the false lashes to their full effect, even though tomorrow I'm going to get a call from my mother saying: "ужас!".

I did a full skincare routine just before getting ready, but the whole day yesterday my face felt the dryest it's been this winter, and my eyelids were practically crackling (note to husband: check humidifier). That's why just before putting on anything else I reached for a sample of Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil. I have no idea where the vial came from, either a press sample or a GWP, but it was nice, though not different than most other face oils one can find these days.
Knowing that I was going with a high-coverage foundation I also slathered on some MAC Strobe Cream instead of a primer. There was no danger of my makeup sliding off my face last night and I was more concerned about looking at least semi-alive.
My foundation was Edward Bess Black Sea Complexion Correction Mousse Foundation in Medium 03. I've been testing it in recent weeks (sample courtesy of Osswald NYC, though they're currently sold out). It's more coverage than I usually prefer, but the finish is beautiful and velvety. Brush application is still too heavy for me, but a damp Beauty Blender creates the right balance, and I supplement with a brush just where needed and skip concealer altogether.
I did illuminate a little under the eyes with Chanel Eclat Lumiere.
Absolutely no powder was used.

A good look at myself at the magnifying mirror made me grab Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum. It was an Influenster freebie, and it's nice though you and I know that if you want to lift something just get a crane. The serum is light, moisturizing and works well under makeup, so that's all I can ask for. I used the eye primer from Cinema Secrets because it's also light and liquidy yet does the job well.

I wanted to go relatively light on the eyes, so I picked Viseart Paris Nudes palette: 1 in the crease, a mix of 2 and 3 on the lid and outward, and a touch of 4 to highlight. It ended up lacking contrast so I grabbed my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow duo and used the matte bronzer to blend the crease and everything else I wanted to intensify, proving once again why this is probably Tilbury's best product.
To finish thing off I lined my upper lashes very lightly with Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. I recently went back to using it as I discovered that I much prefer its longer side, and that I can use it to tightline even without the magnifying mirror.
Then came the falsies. I was going for a used and trimmed pair of Ardell Demi Wispies, but Gloria intervened and took off with one of them. Instead, I decided to live dangerously and go for Eylure Naturals No.27. It's a full strip that doesn't look heavy or too artificial and was kind of fun. For reference, I have no falsies skills, so I use the Revlon glue that comes with its own brush (wipe it down well before applying), and can't do it at all without a bent applicator (not regular tweezers).

Still in the spirit of adventure I reached for a GWP brow pencil by Milk Makeup and promptly remembered why I hate it. The gel pencil is too soft, therefore hard to control and gets everywhere. The color I have, Pilsner, their medium brown is far too dark for me, so I've found myself combing most of it off like a madwoman. With just a hint of color left in my brows I abandoned the mission.

That Charlotte Tilbury duo was already out on the dresser, so I used the bronzer lightly (with a duo-fiber brush) to give myself a little color. The highlighter side always looks a bit off (I wish it were lighter) until I put on a luminous blush. I went for the gorgeous Burberry Silk & Bloom, as I do two out of three times lately.

I mixed MAC Prep & Prime Lip with Colourpop Frick &Frack pencil liner (yes, not the actual lip color) and applied it with a brush in two layers. It stayed on for most of dinner.

Other Stuff
Vintage earrings
SotN was Aristoqrati by Moresque (the Blond wore Bel Ami Vetiver).
Dress from Flō by Ella Braitman . A must-stop boutique if you visit Tel-Aviv.


  1. You (and Gloria!) look beautiful. I especially love the "lipstick" (ie, Prep & Prime + pencil). Gorgeous color, and how great that it lasted so long through the meal.

  2. "if you want to lift something just get a crane" Lol! Even though it's more coverage than you like, I think the finish of the EB foundation is lovely. You look gorgeous!

  3. I love your look! The balance between that sensational lip colour and your eyes is spot-on. Gloria is a minx!

  4. Such a beautiful look and proof that less is more - you don't need 5 shades of colorful eyeshadow to have an elegant, standout look. Coming from me who loves sparkly eye shadow! lol

  5. That lip color looks amazing on you!


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