Saturday, September 30, 2017

Currently- September 2017

September got lost in a fluff of cat hair, odd weather, and a world that sometimes feels like it was written by Shirley Jackson. Today actually feels like fall, and the green bubble that surrounds our house and neighborhood has an air of anticipation. Three of the kittens are spoken-for, Celeste seems to be settling-in nicely, and there's a young cat from her previous litter (after Gloria & co but before the Famous Six) who makes appearances in our yard and we must trap and spay before it's too late. Whoever released Celeste into the wild has earned a special place in hell.

I'm about to embark on a YA novel. The sequel to the 1000th Floor. Because my brain is all that these days.

There's a lot of good new stuff, from the ear-pleasing Jack Johnson album to the emotionally satisfying Goths by the Mountain Goats, but I just listened to the PJ Harvey and Thom York collaboration, This Mess We're In. It's still as stirring as ever.

Big Little Lies was binge-worthy, and I just watched the documentary about Princess Diana's death and funeral on Netflix, but the next great things are the new seasons of Transparent and One Mississippi.

It's really fall, so I'm wearing Fumerie Turque. It's a Pavlovian thing for me.

Things that require glitter glue. I want to shine, but there will be no fallout in this face.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Kitten-proof attire isn't exactly glamorous. Black leggings or jeans and sheer flowy silk tops when I'm trying to look sane.

Buttered and toasted poppy seed bagels.

Have Children Lost Touch With Nature? I know little of nature and even less of children, but it's interesting.

Is there a word for fear of home renovations? Our master bath is in a dire need. You'll hear me complain more about it, I'm sure.

Mr. Bingley

My best friend is about to walk in the door any minute now.

An Indian summer.

Random Thought
The poop emoji is extremely useful when describing cleaning litter boxes used by kittens.

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Art: September 1970, The New Yorker


  1. Book - Lindsey Tramuta's The New Paris and The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
    Music - Sigur Ros
    TV - The Good Place and finally again Warriors basketball!
    Perfume - So confused, it's still yucky hot here.
    Makeup - Minimal - Sunscreen, a little brow pencil, mascara and lipstick. Working hard on making the skin better.
    Joy/Sorrow - Nora kitty. Getting older. Stomach issues have been really bad lately. Daily house clean-ups and multiple, multiple vet visits.

    1. Oh Tatiana, I just had to say that I feel for you about Nora as we are going through the same issues with our 17 year old boy. It doesn't help that our rented house has cream carpets (!) - we have three litter trays for him, but the accidents still occur. My sadness is that when these problems don't exist it will mean that our beloved cat is no longer with us ..... Best wishes to you.

  2. You don't blog too much. But I enjoy each article you write.

  3. Gaia, you are wonderful - patron saint of kitties!

    I'm looking forward to wearing cool weather perfumes at last and sitting in front of the fire and catching up with all the TV I have missed. I am particularly yearning for incensey fragrances; perhaps it's not just the autumn chill that makes me want them, but the feeling of peace they might confer in these troubled times.

  4. Book: Sargent's Women: Four Lives Behind the Canvas
    Perfume: Looking for a new spicy, rich perfume -- I miss the ones from the 1980s
    Makeup: Wearing red lipstick again
    Food: Chocolate
    Bane: The ever-expanding waistline - probably because of said chocolate
    Joy: Cuddling up on the loveseat with our little dog, Cherry, reading a book, and drinking tea
    Anticipation: Cooler weather
    Wishlist: Civility and kindness among those who disagree

  5. Hi Gaia, First of all, the New Yorker cover just sums up what I'd like to be right now: a skinny girl in some wonderful city with lots of various and sundry dogs who love me. On to current things...
    Book: just finished Woman of God by James Patterson, don't know what's next
    Music: I'm a broken record here and can't help myself...same old classic rock
    TV: My husband finally got fed up with Dish going out every time the wind blew. Then a HUGE pecan limb (half the tree) fell on said dish. So we are actually without any TV right now. I'm surprised at how little I miss it, but really do want to sign up with "somebody" pretty soon. I like Designated Survivor.
    Perfume: First, has anyone tried the new Atelier Cologne Café Tuberosa? Sounds interesting, but since retiring, I can't just order scent unsmelled and hope for the best anymore. As for what I'm wearing now... Well, let me first say that it's still hot here in South Carolina. Now, I'm enjoying Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay as well as the old favorite standby, Bottega Veneta. I'm holding off for a while on ones like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather mixed with Tobacco Vanille, etc.
    Makeup: Loving the dark reds in lipstick, also the metallics in lipsticks and eye shadow. I'm still summer tan, so darker blushes are appropriate.
    Frequently Worn: Still wearing shorts, but some days with long sleeve tops.
    Food: We're loving lots of pastas right now with too many different sauces to choose from.
    Bane: The restrictions that maniacal political correctness puts on us all. But it's still appropriate for the most part. Also, feeling "on alert" all the time, even here in this small city.
    Joy: Seeing plus-sized models on runways. Also, new clothes/shoes for fall.
    Anticipation: Has to be the coldest weather this southern state can have. Bring it on.
    Wishlist: More ankle boots. Can't wait to receive the navy suede ones I just ordered from Zappos. Just hope they fit.
    Random Thought: I want to know more and more about the people who hate "me" (my race, nationality, religion, political leanings, etc.). The more I know, the less confused I'll be. I don't hate anyone, truly. We're all God's children.
    Happy Fall, Ya'll!

  6. TV: None, the aerial still isn't working.
    Perfume: Getting cooler here. Arabie.
    Makeup: It Cosmetics CC cream, grey eyeliner, pinky-brown lip.
    Frequently Worn Outfit: black leggings, White Stuff tunics, grey Converse.
    Food: nuts, pomegranate seeds -- and Halloween candy.
    Joy: son, dog and good friends. And a working lawnmower.
    Anticipation: half term holiday so I can sleep later than 6:30 for a week.
    Wish List: Estate things to start moving.
    Random Thought: Farm across the road has started spreading silage awfully early.

  7. I just got back from an extended weekend trip to NYC and you definitely got your Indian Summer wish! Nearly 80 degrees, ugh.

    I’m currently wearing Imaginary Author’s newest release O, Unknown! Teas, orris butter, Kyoto moss, and woods… cuddliest scent I’ve experienced in quite awhile and smells unimaginably good with my leather jacket.


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