Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye Shadow

Misadventures in depotting.

I've never been a depotter. I'm a purist who loves original packaging and can tell in a glance what's in every compact (and sometimes label them for ease of access). As one of those weirdos who still buys and uses single eye shadows, alone or to supplement a palette, I remember what I have and which drawer hosts them. It's all good. That's why I can't explain what gotten into me one afternoon a couple of months ago as it occurred to me that my cherished collection of Rouge Bunny Rouge  singles and custom trios has been under-utilized for a while for o good reason. I figured it was because it's very hard to tell which is which. The sticker with the name of the shadow is so tiny it's impossible to read, The trios are impossible to label if they stand on their side, so somehow these best-in-class beauties are often overlooked. The obvious solution: depot. Right.

Except that I'm not exactly a depotting pro. I refuse to use heat when separating the pan from its compact for fear of burning down the house or filling said house with the odor of burning plastic. And I'm stubborn.

I own that sharp depotting tool by Z-Palette which I've been using  relocate random MAC, Anastasia, and other magnetized singles from one palette to another. I know the theory: you stick the pointy end of the tool between pan and plastic, wiggle gently, slide it ever so slightly to the side, and feel the pan detach from the glue that holds it and pop into freedom. Except that in reality the spatula thingy jumps a bit, stabs you in the palm of your hand and pokes the precious soft eye shadow, chipping chunks from its surface or breaking it into crumbles that end up on one's Chinese rug.

Five survived out of ten full size Rouge Bunny Rouge single eye shadows.

Luckily that was the very week RBR had a brilliant 50% off sale. I hopped online, ordered the refill size of the fallen (for those available) and replacement singles when not. They'll stay in the original packaging. I'll deal.


  1. You can put a sticky label on the back to identify the color. I don't like deporting. Takes the personality out of the product. The design of the case is part of the beauty.

    1. 'Takes the personality out of the product. The design of the case is part of the beauty.'


      Laila /LG

  2. I thought I was the sole surviving single shadow purchaser! How nice to know I'm not alone. I love the packaging, too, and see it as part of the aesthetic experience of making up, so I leave things as they come (unless I'm cocktailing things together to use them up...because I'm frugal like that). I seem to be able to keep the what and where in mind, but it's because I'm rigorous about setting a filing system in place for the items and sticking to it. Dull, but effective.

  3. After ruining quite a few good shadows trying to depot them years ago, I've given up on the idea. Never really liked the design of any of the Z palettes. So I'm a tried and true single shadow lover. My favorites are the original shadows from Burberry, the new singles from Chanel and of course Rouge Bunny Rouge.

  4. I only buy singles. There's always a shade or 2 I never wear. I have dropped and cracked shadows several times. I scoop the powder out of the pan and put it in those free samples jars from Sephora or Nordstrom. I have to use the loose powder with a different brush but we know if we read your blog, we have tons of brushes! Hope you're doing well Gaia.

  5. Long time reader, first time commenting on your blog. I have been following your RBR eyeshadow post and finally just ordered two. I love single shadows so I hope I won't be disappointed.

  6. Tell me more how are the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    I bought 2 Rouge Bunny Rouge single shadows after reading your reviews.

  8. I had the same experience with my RBR shadows. Very well put together? Some of the shades are available as refills for slightly less. I have both compacts and refills in a z-palette of my faves (like Solstice Halycon). The quality and colors are really a cut ablove. Fun post.

  9. Funny, I was just looking at my shadows thinking that it would be a good idea to depot them. I think not now! I prefer to buy them now as refills, I need to save space.

  10. Try de-potting using the oven method, no open flame, and it's so easy!

  11. Ugh, depotting is the worst. The only thing I've ever successfully depotted is UD Naked palettes (a service to humanity since I only used a few shades of each). Emboldened by my success, I attempted to move on to various singles by MAC, UD, and (most tragically) Burberry. They all ended up looking like the shadows in your photo and are being repurchased straightaway. This time, I'm leaving them in their cases.

  12. I completely agree with you. I love the packaging of all my makeup but when that stupid trend of depotting hit I managed to ruin my beloved discontinued Stila LE LOVE blusher and some Green People powder foundation. I was heartbroken. And I never actually used the palette I bought to depot them in. I think it's just a plot to annoy makeup lovers rather like inaccurate swatches. Love the packaging, love the brand and celebrate it wherever it's from (I also switched my skincare brands-huge mistake-I remain loyal to my brands not some silly fad) Incidentally I finally remembered to buy a MAC eyeshadow case to house a Rouge Baiser Blusher refill as I skimped on the case at the time (big mistake!) but after a few uses it crumbled! Arghh!!!
    I refuse to try to press, depot etc. I feel as though I am committing a crime against the laws of makeup!
    Laila/ LG


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