Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Currently- April 2018

We were in Italy this time last month. We returned to the Viterbo and Rociglione area where we spent the first few nights of our honeymoon. It remains a favorite, even when we managed to arrive on the coldest week Europe has experienced in a while, the day after a blizzard.  There was far less walking around and a lot more driving on roads that haven't been cleared (and are a challenge on a good day) yet the beauty of Lago di Vico and the surrounding hills with the ancient medieval towns, tiny villages, and farmlands stood out even against the gray sky. And the food. And European-style hot chocolate. The cold and lack of good light hindered picture-taking, but I did get just enough which you can see on my Instagram.

I'm still not a fan of 2018. The year has started horribly terribly awfully as our Bob passed away on New Year's Day. I didn't want to talk about it for weeks that turned into months. I still don't want to. All the vet visits in the months prior (I know I've mentioned it here) were inconclusive, but it was most likely a very well-hidden lymphoma. He was also considerably older than we thought. All cats are special. A few touch your soul in an indescribable way. That was Bob.

The rest of the herd is doing well. The three kittens are growing (we just got Sally and Jane spayed. Bingley has been taken care of two months ago). Celeste is double the size she was when we rescued her. She still won't let us pet her, but she's happy to sit among the other cats and bask in the warmth and comforts of home. Sometimes she watches the birds and squirrels with a faint interest, seemingly telling them they were far less tasty than the cat food that grows in the bowl and doesn't require chasing. Then she rolls on her back in some catnip and falls asleep.

I bought Zadie smith's essay book, Feel Free, with the intention of reading it in a flight or while on vacation. Didn't happen. So I guess it'll be my next reading because I'm quite excited about this book. I appreciate Ms. Smith's writing, but it can be a bit much at times. I figured shorter essays are going to be more enjoyable.

A couple of months ago the husband and I went to see Rufus Wainwright live in Englewood. His sister, Lucy Wainwright Roche, opened for him. I admit I was a little disappointed that his other sister, Martha, wasn't there (I'm a big Martha Wainwright fan). However, Lucy won my heart immediately. Her voice is beautiful and she's delightfully funny and witty.  I bought most of her music the next day.
(Rufus was his wonderful self, as always)

We tried to watch the first episode of Alan Cumming's new show. He might be my favorite actor (and should have been voted Sexiest Man Alive. No, I'm still not over that Blake Shelton fiasco), but I've forgotten how unimaginative and predictable network TV can be. Not worthy of his talent. Or of my time. At least The Americans are back. We're DVRing several weeks so we can binge.

Vintage Colony by Jean Patou. In trying to figure out how pineapple note became a thing I'm going back to the original and best example. I've recently acquired a very vintage sealed parfum of it (part of a trio in the berry bottles) and it's giving my brain and nose a serious workout.

Chanel everything. It's the antidote to the queasy feeling I've been getting from several YouTube brands.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
It's April and I still need my winter coats. Not amused.

Sumo oranges. I'd eat them until my stomach explodes.

I need serious help with this blog, which isn't going to happen and it's stressing me out. I want to do so many things to make it the site that's personal, different, yet focused on my views of beauty,but my own limitations are overwhelming.

I'm typing this sitting in my playroom with Lizzy perching on my left knee and a purring Bingley draped over my shoulder and chest. Bad for typos, good for the soul.

Prince Harry's wedding.

I want a pair of reasonably heeled nude color Manolos that I can wear all spring and summer long for the next decade. There's this style, but I wish it came in matte and not patent leather:

Random Thought
Speaking of shoes: Do I love these? Do I hate these? Should they even be a thing? Should I buy them (Saks is having a F&F sale)?

DVF  Mikaila Leather Mules

How are you? What's on your list of loves and banes? Any wishes and recommendations?

Art: Alexander Young Jackson, Frozen Lake, Early Spring, Algonquin Park, 1914


  1. Oh you are back! so happy! :)
    Book: nothing, so lazy I have no time to read .... i need to finish the triology of Crazy Asian before the first film get out

    Music: Keisha LOVE her new album

    TV: Cant wait for insecure to start and tried to watch Divorce the 2nd season and I stopped at the 2nd episode boring!

    Perfume: Just got Memo Lalibela I spray pretty much all poor soul walking to my desk at my job ... now I'm thinking about my next perfume purchased .... Maison Martin Margiela Across Sand? Armani Prive Figuier d'eden? Van Cleef rose velours .... so many choices and yes I limited myself to two perfumes a year .... my collection is at 49 sooo who will be the lucky 50th bottle???

    Makeup: still undecided if i will pick up a Pat McGrath palette or a viseart palette at Sephora VIB sale maybe none.

    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit: jeans I just want to wear a good warm sweather and a good pair of jeans mostly my Joe's and my yoga jeans (canadian brand)

    FOOD: Bowls, poke bowls, mediterranean bowls everything bowls and Ramen soup again and again

    Bane: right now carbs i'm trying to loose weight and i'm miserable... i'm missing my cereal bowl so much (maybe that's explain the Food question)

    Joy: running ... been injured for the last year I changed the the way my foot land on the ground and the pain disappear, so happy now i'm training for my 7th marathon in September.

    Anticipation: my next vacation , and summer

    Wish List: also shoes I want some fluevog the Investigator the beige and blue and some Lola ramona pink pumps also I want some Rieker lace up boots.... too many shoes I also want ANN Marie designs pinnapple shoes i know. i'm weird.

    Random Thoughts : i need to go to bed now!

  2. I am so glad that you are back. Your wry, insightful,compassionate,prose is such a delight. Which is my way of saying please don't sweat the writing. Your blog is a joy. Besides, you are the only one I know of who loves L'Orpheline as much as I do.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you're back! Your Italy trip sounds fabulous despite the cold! I am so sorry about Bob. Cats are so special. I was just perusing your blog for posts on Kjaer Weis and saw one where you had posted that he was your joy. I am glad he brought you joy for many years.

    I am loving our new home and enjoying watching our little family (2 cats and a dog) settle in.

  4. Im so excited that I have two posts from you to read! Wonderful to have you back. I have loved seeing the Instagram photos of your Italian adventure - I anticipate exploring my favourite parts of Italy and Germany in something other than summer when retirement makes this possible. My condolences to you on farewelling Bob, so sad to loose a 'special' cat.
    Book: Propped beside the bed to guilt me to stop watching 'Longmire' episodes.
    Music: Indulging in Bach in anticipation of a pilgrimage to Leipzig in June. The Passions and Easter Oratorios by the Monteverdi Choir.
    TV: Longmire - a guilty pleasure
    Perfume: YSL Rive Gauche - I've been in a retro mood for months now.
    Makeup: Chanel lipstick - Rouge Double Intensite. It makes everything possible. Clinique foundation has got me through our summer. Everything-else seems to melt.
    Frequently worn items: Summer clothes for too long - enough already!
    Food: Caramelised Leek - I work it into every possible recipe.
    Bane: A weak ankle that has had me limping for months.
    Joy: My cat snuggling on my lap every opportunity she gets.
    Anticipation: Planning my musical pilgrimage to Leipzig.

    Please persevere with your Blog, its always a pleasure to read.

  5. I'm so happy to see a post from you! Love your blog :) let's see....
    Book: About to delve into Exit West, which is written by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid.
    TV: I finally discovered Parks and Rec. It's been a much needed upbeat diversion.
    Perfume: I'm really enjoying the new Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc, which is a big surprise for me. I usually dislike Tom Ford's creations, and I wasn't a fan of the EDP that came out last year. This is nice, however! I also just tested Neela's new perfume, and it's quite lovely - soft, modern, interesting.
    Makeup: I'm really curious about the new Chanel lip blushes. I received a sample of Armani's lip ecstasy lipstick, and now I'm craving one :)
    Joy: My two cats, always.
    Anticipation: I really, really, really want a third cat. Also want to foster a mama kitty.
    Great to see you posting again!

  6. You're back. Very sorry to hear about Bob.
    Book: The Dead Season, Christobel Kent. A private detective in Florence. Strangely compelling.
    TV: Gardeners' World -- now, if the weather would just cooperate...
    Perfume: Hiram Green Slowdive - that honey skank top, oh my
    Food: ground turkey patties with Port Salut and chili flakes, guacamole, sour cream
    Joy: the child and the dog
    Anticipation: the Picasso exhibition at the Tate Modern

  7. So sorry to hear about Bob! My condolences.

    Good to see you and your blog back!

    Still reading Joseph Frank's five-volume Dostoevsky biography, have progressed to #4.

    Chopin's waltzes, they remind me of the days I went to ballet classes, our pianist was always playing them. Bought a CD while in London.

    Have been very much in the mood for iris lately: La Fin du Monde, Heure Exquise, Hiris...

    Still smitten with Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipsticks!

    The trip to London, was so happy to be back! I hope it doesn't take ten years until the next time.

    Eggplant & miso

    Warm enough weather to wear my new Dr Martens Kristina sandals.

  8. So very sorry to hear about Bob, but I am glad the other cats are doing well and sharing their love as they will.
    Every time I hear the weather report lately I cringe, they are always mentioning the word snow. It has snowed enough in NYC, I am ready for spring.

    Makeup-wise - It's hard to find something that is really exciting lately. I'd like to see something unusual but I also realize unusual is hard to sell and companies must make money.
    As long as you share what you enjoy, when you can on your blog, I'm happy to read it. :)

  9. I'm so sorry about Bob. It was always a pleasure to see your pictures of him. He will be missed. And I know what you mean about not being able to talk about it. When my much-loved cat died, I had held up really well at work until my boss came into my office and said quietly, "I'm so sorry about your little friend." Floods, just floods. Glad to hear about the other kitties doing well.


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