Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick Bloodstone & Rouge Rum Punch- Swatches & Review

I didn't compose a list of best 2017 makeup products, but had I done it the newest Shiseido lipstick formula would have been right there at the top. As a matter of fact, Shiseido lipsticks are usually on my shortlist of products I recommend to everyone willing to listen. The textures, pigments, range of colors, and quality/price ratio are among the very best you could find, and while Shiseido periodically discontinues older lipstick formulas they tend to replace them with newer and improved ones while preserving their core colors. That's quite nice in my opinion.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge (not a fan of the name, to be honest) is their newest lipstick formula. The packaging offers a new design that relies o the company's Japanese aesthetic, and the lipstick itself has a modern sculpted look that's also functional for a precise and clean application.

The formula is what you'd expect from a high-end lipstick. It's rich, hydrating, and luxurious with just the right amount of slip. I've applied it in my car, at a restaurant, and in less than ideal light conditions and it's always turned out nice and polished. At home I often skip a lip brush with Shiseido Rouge Rouge, and I'm a major user of these tools and the technique of applying several very thin layers for longevity. It's that good, that satisfying, and the low-key sati finish is as chic and classic as it gets.

I've shown major self control in only purchasing two colors so far. The Rouge rouge line is mostly focused on red-based shades, which is my happy place. There are several nudes and pinks, of course, but the pigment base has a lot of red, making me want to branch out a little. Maybe. In any case, I picked Bloodstone  (RD503) which is a Shiseido mainstay and my first choice in every product they make. It's a complex red with a bit of warmth without going orange or brown.  I consider it a sort of neutral everyday red on my complexion, though obviously your mileage will vary with your own undertones and preferences.

Rouge Rum Punch is darker and plummier. The rum reference points towards a bit more brown in the base, but since my lips have more than a little natural purple pigment that's where this shade goes on me. It's not vampy but definitely makes a statement and goes well with both neutral eye looks as well as trendy mauve ones.

Bottom Line: Yes, and I still have eight more of these on my wishlist.

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick ($28 each, made in France) is available from select department stores as well as on


  1. Yay, I just knew you would love these!

    First I got only two shades that were on sale, Real Ruby and Bloodstone (which might very well be my favourite!) but ended up with seven (the rest are First Bite, Toffee Apple, Poppy, Ruby Copper and Rouge Rum Punch).

    The best lipstick I have ever worn, hands down. Gorgeous shades, great quality, light as a feather, but stays on, doesn't dry my lips etc. Not to mention the functional and beautiful packaging. Practically perfect in every way!

  2. Oh goodness, that Bloodstone, it's so gorgeous! I think I need another red lipstick (or several).

  3. I have Ruby Copper and it's beautiful. Picking up Bloodstone and thinking about Rouge Rum Punch but worried that it will be too purple on me. Brown usually helps with that but don't know.


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