Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nothing Major

I joined the Great Mascara Hunt, a noble quest started at Blogdorf Goodman. I've already talked about my beloved Clinique High Impact, a perfect 10 for my curling needs (and I know that someone has even taken notice. Hi, A.). But I just got a sample of Stila's Major Lash Mascara and I gave it a try for a couple of days.

As I said before, being reasonably well-endowed in the lash department, I don't expect miracles from my mascara. Just defining and curling. Neither of which this mascara delivered.

Since I was using a sample tube, I can't really judge the brush. It seems okay at coating and separating the lashes. But the product itself appears to be more glossy than pigmented. It added some shine, but that didn't last after a few hours, so what little defining effect it had was gone. It didn't add any length and despite the promise, didn't curl my lashes. The product description on the site suggests layering. This is something that I'd rather not do. Coats upon coats of mascara is not a look that I would go for.

But I did manage to put this mascara to good use: My lower lashes, unlike the upper ones do curl naturally. I don't use mascara on them because the look is too heavy- too dark and racoonish. But this low pigment mascara that only gives a little shine looked pretty nice on my lower lashes. And since it hardly clamps or flakes no racoons were spotted.

My rating: 3 for upper lashes, 8 for lower.

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  1. I love and live for Clinique mascara, but I tried the Stila on a whim and hated it. It made my lashes feel and look slightly limp. Not a good thing!


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