Saturday, May 20, 2006


I'm going away for ten days. My sister is getting married, and after that I'm flying to London for a few days. Packing is always a big issue for me and I never travel light (is there an award for understatement of the year? I think I just earned it).

On top of all the outfits, shoes and a few purses there's the whole beauty arsenal.

All of my Mario Badescu skin care products are going in the carry-on bag. I'm not taking any chances with them. Also in the can't-live-without bag goes Laboratoire Remede Double Oxygenating Booster. This tube is worth double its weight in gold. It definitely costs like it's made of gold, but it's pure magic and is worth every cent.

I'm not going to put on any makeup before getting on the plane. I have about 16 hours of flights, layovers and airports, so my skin would feel much better with generous applications of the seaweed cream. I will have a small make up bag with me for putting on a face just before the final landing. It will include: Chanel Vitalumier liquid foundation in beige, an eyeliner pencil (one of the cheap L'Oreals, probably in charcoal grey), black mascara- the sample of Hypnose I just got and tested, Benefit's Dallas powder for this instantly healthy glow and one of the Allison Raffaele soft glosses. It'll take me less than two minutes to apply and will prevent me from looking like death. Always a good thing, especially when one's parents are waiting at the airport.

I will also have a small bottle of lavender water to spray on the airline's little pillow and blanket, in the hope of catching some sleep, a travel size tube of L'Occitane hand cream (I have one in each purse) and L'Occitane lip balm.

In my suitcase there will be a manicure/pedicure bag that includes all the normal essentials, my Diamancel foot buffer, L'Occitane foot cream (say it with me: shea butter= good), Lippmann Collection polish, base coat and top coat and Cutex polish remover pads.

My body care bag includes a travel kit of Philosophy's Amazing Grace. It's a relatively new favorite. It doesn't irritates my dry skin and the smell is the essence of clean.

Additional makeup items will include Chanel liquid concealer, Sephora's primer, a few more pencil liners (brown and sage green), eye shadows: The new Chanel quad and the khaki Bourjois. I'll probably also take a Lancome gift with purchase compact that includes a couple of good neutral shadows, powder and a rosy blush that actually works for me, though I'm taking it mostly for the shadows. Ever since Dallas entered my life, blush has been pushed to the corner of my makeup cabinet.

For lip color, I'll be taking my nude Allison Raffaele, Lancome's Sugared Maple (my signature almost red lipstick) and Chanel's Summer Plum Glossimer. I'm not accountable to any other lip color/glosses that may or may not reside in my various purses.

The only thing left to decide is fragrance. I'm leaning towards an Annick Goutal for morning and Black Cashmere for nights. I also have a couple of purse sized sprays that will go with me, so I think I'm covered.

Have I forgotten anything (other than extra money to pay for over-weight, that is)?

Photo: Vogue, May 1955

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