Monday, May 29, 2006

Still on Vacation

London is lovely and as fun as always. Our hotel is a couple of blocks away from the Marble Arch, which also means a very short walk to Selfridge's. It's so good not only because it has the best brands of fragrance and makeup, but also because it's friendly and accessible: You can try things on by yourself, can ask for assistance if you need it AND the friendly staff is pretty generous about giving samples. I got some Serge Lutens and I'm already in love with the Un Bois Vanille. I see no reason to buy it here as I can get it for the same price at Neiman's, but it will be one of my first purchases as I return home.

As for clothes shopping, I've noticed something interesting: Men's fashion here is beautiful. My husband is happily shopping for interesting, colorful items. But women's clothes seem a bit boring and uninspired to me. I did get some lovely lingerie (I adore Elle MacPherson Intimates) and have yet to get to the relevant floor at Selfridge's. But other than that it's been somewhat disappointing. Also, I have a size problem. I'm a US size 0-2, but can't seem to find a good equivalent. I have yet to see a size smaller than UK 8, which is too big for me. It fits me like a US 4 would, which is exactly what it is, according to online conversion tables. But I still have hopes.

Today I'll be visiting Windsor Castle, so probably not much makeup shopping there, but maybe some royalty stalking.

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