Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Love of Serge- Gris Clair

Guess who's getting a bottle of Serge Lutens?
That would be my husband.
I've mentioned before how Gris Clair didn't work for me. I liked the smell well enough, but it didn't develop on my skin, remained cold and distant, and quickly disappeared. I still had the sample, so I made my poor, unsuspecting husband try it on last night.
It was heavenly. All of a sudden I knew what this perfume was supposed to smell like. I cold feel and see wintery sky with a purple haze, cool afternoons and unending beauty. On Aedes website it says something about the mountain hills of Morocco, but for me it was a European city.
Apparently, my blond husband has the perfect chemistry for Gris Clair, and the scent has stayed on his skin the entire night.

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