Monday, August 14, 2006

Sephora's Fall Looks

While waiting for my September magazines to arrive, I've been browsing the fall offerings of the various stores and sites. Sweet Diva has already went over the looks from Neiman Marcus, so my contribution will be an overview of Sephora's Four decades-Four looks.
'60s Mod Girl
I love looking at this picture and I love 60s fashion. It's romantically glamorous to me, probably because I wasn't even born then. There are two major principles to this look: The exagarated lashes and the very pale mouth. The first isn't very practical. You can't go like that to work, and it would look weird for many evening outings. My very dark eyes are large enough that adding so much milage to the lashes would look comical, not pretty. As for very pale mouth, I'm not sure I can pull it off. I can do a clear gloss over my naturally not very pale lips or I can do nude as in very close to my natural color, but anything lighter than that looks weird on my olive skin.
'70 Earth Angel
Bronzed skin and Stila's Silver Maple shadow trio is actually something I can pull off. I've had my eye on Stila's shadows for a while. In the picture, the lighting makes the colors seem more brown than silver/slate, which makes the blonde, fair colored model look like she was doing what Sweet Diva called the "mud-munching zombie" thing. In both cases, I think this look is much more flattering on the non-blonde crowd. Very dark brown and charcoal grey look too harsh on very fair skin.
'80s Rock Diva
I almost love this look. Once again, what we have here is silver and very dark metallic grey shadows, just with a stronger mouth. The colors are lovely on the model. I think I might be able to pull off something similar, though being of a very different coloring I'd probably tone it down a bit- less shimmer and smokiness to go with the lips, and a little more neutral lipcolor when going all glam on the eyes. But this is something I'd really like to try.
'90s Grunge Gamine
The "I'm not wearing any makeup look". Are you kidding me?

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