Thursday, August 31, 2006

At Last

After a month-long search for the perfect denim pencil skirt that took me where no woman wants to go, I finally found it at J. Crew.

The picture from their website doesn't do it justice, probably because of the awful, preppy-on-crack styling. I'm wearing it with a soft, sexy top (silk for now, a deep v-neck cashmere later), very high heels (red or brown Manolo mary-janes) and interesting jewelry. Wool ballet flats are not for this short non-blonde.


  1. Oh, this is cute. That's the thign about J.Crew. All of their stuff is wonderful, really, but doesn't mean you have to dress like a private school girl! I have the pencil skirt from last year, and like you, I wear it with heels and dressier shirts, or boots and sweaters when it's cooler. I'm short, too, and I don't want to end up looking "precious."

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