Monday, December 04, 2006

Things you do for your beauty blog

I received a sample of a new and interesting product: A hair fragrance made by Pure & Petal, a Canadian company. As curious as I was about it, I couldn't use it right away. The reason? My very thick hair retains smell for a very long time, and since I use a leave-in-conditioner and quite a bit of anti-frizz goop, my hair seems to always smell of TreSemme or some version of that.

Which meant that I had to be brave and not wash it for a few days, until it finally smelled like hair and I could test the fragrance. It ended up being four days before my poor hair could be trusted as a test subject. I can't say that I was all that happy to carry around nearly 3' of unwashed hair (yes, it really is that long). I wore it up in a bun, but still.

The fragrance I tried was Linden Blossom. It combines floral and grapefruit notes, but the dominant part is linden, which I love, with just a bit of fruit. There's something watery in this scent, which I'm not too keen of, but I could only smell it on my skin. What I sprayed on my hair remain pleasantly floral.

All of P&P's fragrances are alcohol-free and do not irritate the skin or scalp (unlike not washing one's hair that made me itch like crazy, and required drastic action, like using my husband's Head & Shoulders to feel clean again). The scent stays on the hair for several hours and is very pleasant. It didn't seem to affect the look of my hair the way regular products do, so it can't replace your regular shine products. But, it's a very nice pick-me-up addition, especially if you skipped shampoo and need some extra help.

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