Monday, April 23, 2007

"Do you like my lips?"

It looks like Chanel executives have made an important discovery: People who like soft porn are most likely to purchase luxury lip color.

That's the only way I was able to explain this:

I don't find this offensive. Just very silly.


  1. oh! what a lack of culture, non blonde... this ad refers to "le M├ępris" by Godard, where Bardot, naked, in a bed, asks in a very famous scene " tu aimes mes jambes, mes fesses, et mes levres tu les aimes mes levres.... " It was in the sixties, way before the Gucci sofr porn ads.

  2. ChampagneClare: Wow, I think that the "Le Mepris" reference would have flown over all the heads of all but cinephiles, francophiles and the French. Thanks for enlightening us. Tell us, is the commercial meant to be a tribute or a parody?

  3. t's a tribute, they used the original score by georges Delerue, the score is outstanding, and the model resembles Brigitte bardot, a very famous french actress.
    The movie and this scene in particular are very famous.


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