Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tauer Perfumes Reverie au Jardin

There are several variations on the theme of summer fragrance. The one that seems to be very popular lately as seen in the Estee Lauder/Tom Ford bastard child, Azuree, and in Bond's Fire Island is all about memories of sand in your bikini and SPF-less suntan lotion. It has its charm, but it's just not for me. I also stay (far) away from most scents that boast aquatic notes, as they usually remind me really cheap mall scents (or maybe it's just my Jersey imagination).

My summer love is for dark, shady greens baked in the afternoon sun, maybe with a hint of dust, earth and more than a little South European charm, as seen with both Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien and the far less popular L'Eau Trois by Dipyque.

Andy Tauer's Reverie au Jardin is a gorgeous addition to the second group. It's not really Mediterranean, and the greens are less wild. Instead, the afternoon sun has warmed and enveloped a well-tended flower and herb garden. It's rich and beautiful, has the most haunting lavender note I've smelled since Gris Clair, and manages to transport you to that place and frame of mind that was Andy Tauer's original intent.

I was among the lucky ones who got to meet Andy last Saturday on his visit to NYC. There's nothing quite like listening to a great artist describing his passion, inspiration and deconstructing his work into its components, especially when said artist is very charming and funny. Andy brought with him ten samples of some of the pure notes that make Reverie. It was fascinating to sniff each one of them and examine how they all blend in the final composition. His French lavender was unlike any I've come across. I grow several types of this flower in my back yard, but a Jersey-grown French lavender smells different than the original thing.

(Insert your favorite Jersey joke here)

The lavender isn't limited to the top notes. It's there all the way through the drydown (just like in Gris Clair), where it plays well with the oakmoss, vetiver and tonka beans. I know some people who object to lavender perfumes because they remind them of their spinster Aunt Tilly. But this perfume is far removed from girdles and mothballs. It's a very unisex scent. The Blond wears it just as happily, and it has a whole new twist on his skin. He promises to write his own review soon.

On my skin it's not manly at all, and the frankincense-rose combo gives it the pretty angle. While the fragrance belongs in the clean/green category, there's much more to it. There's depth and magic there, and that special something that I find in all the other Tauers.

The sillage isn't too aggressive, which makes it very suitable for a summer day. It won't linger in the elevator long after the wearer has left. The drydown stays close to the skin for a few hours, even more when I use it apply jojoba oil first.

Reverie au Jardin, as well as the other Tauer Perfume creations can only be found at LuiLei in Brooklyn (worth the visit for the great selection of niche fragrance and skin care, as well as for the friendly service) and Scent Bar in LA. The latter is hosting the West Coast launch party of Reverie this week, where Andy will be giving his presentation. Those who cannot get to either store in person, can still order samples online.

Artwork: Reveries by Maxfield Parrish, 1913


  1. I forgot you were a Trois fan! Now there's .... 9 of us!!! YAY!!! :-) I love that thing...

    That's great that you got to meet Andy. I hear he's a really nice guy.

  2. Hello, Shayningke !

    It was a real pleasure to meet you and Mr. Blond last weekend.
    And the charming Dr. T...swoon.
    'nough said.

    I really enjoy the Reverie, and am thrilled that you two wear it so well.

    I think, in an ideal world, I would have adored some palisander or Mysore in the base, and maybe a scootch more lift in the top-

    Just to amplify the 'airy' effect-

    But it manages to be a departure from the others, with Andy's fingerprints still on it.

    Don and Amy were the nicest people !
    The trip certainly justified the schlepp...

    Kisses to you, and Ori [he's SO sweet] !

  3. I'm jealous, so jealous that you got to meet Andy! And smell the new creation!

    I seriously need to get out of the South. Only Britney tours with her perfume here. Feh.

  4. And a P.S.: I love the new look on your blog!

  5. I met Andy last night!! He mentioned that he had met you in NYC. I had a fabulous time! And I love this new one too :O)


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