Monday, November 19, 2007

Quench Black Soap

There's something a bit disturbing about a black soap. The muddy color doesn't seem right for a product that's supposed to clean, and the smell isn't all that great, either. But the African Black Soap Facial Wash from Quench , a small company that offers a handful of products based on natural African ingredients, is a real gem.
(Despite the somewhat annoying web site)

I've been using it for the last couple of weeks with great results. At first, I was worried that the "squeaky clean" feeling it gave me while washing my face meant that the soap was stripping the skin, but to my surprise it didn't. I didn't get the all too familiar tightening sensation that screams for moisturizer.

The cleansing action is very good. It washes away all the grime, including makeup, leaves my skin soft, doesn't cause any irritation, redness or breakouts and doesn't leave any residue behind. All that, without drying and causing skin go into an overdrive of oil-producing. It seems to be gentle enough even in cold weather, which is very welcome right about now. Despite the non-cosmetic scent and the simple packaging, this cleanser feels almost like a luxury product.

They claim the soap is made of organic materials, but the label of the sample I was sent has no further details or a "certified organic" stamp. Also, the list of ingredients doesn't seem to be full. I wasn't too worried, because my allergies have yet to be triggered by a non-mass market product.


  1. Sounds intriguing enough! (or you make it sound like that)

    Black is a good colour in my books, if only because it makes everything appear more serious and mysterious than it might be ;-)

  2. well, I've been using black soap for awhile- I think it appeals to what little inner Goth I have..

  3. Helg- Yes, black is definitely good, I just can't think of many cosmetics that come in this color.

    Tom- I remembered you've mention using black soap, so that made me quite curious about this one, even though it's far more Crunchy than Goth ;)

  4. I JUST started using black soap 3 days ago, I had a BIG pimple on my forehead, full and everything, and after the first night, i woke up in the morning...and I really say results, i love does make my skin softer and look better.

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  7. There are two different types of black soap, and it depends on where you are from. In Morocco and other parts of North Africa, black soap refers to an olive oil soap. In Ghana, Nigeria and parts West African, black soap refers to soap made from shea butter and is generally recipe based. Both are extremely excellent for the skin, thick, and very different from most soaps produced in the US. I use both and prefer them over most store bought/high end brands, many that seem to be marketing products based on these natural products.


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