Friday, November 09, 2007

What Have You Been Doing with Your Hands? Essie Bordeaux Nail Polish

I was doing my nails the other day and chose Essie Bordeaux. As I was applying it and looking at the cute color (a deep, rich red, not as dark as the picture would let you think), I wondered why I haven't used it in so many months. A few hours later I was reminded of the answer: It chips and peels like crazy and for no good reason. Maybe it hates my OPI base color, but that's no excuse. Other Essie colors (not to mention Chanel, Zoya and Sally Hansen) take well to the OPI base and top. It's just Bordeaux that makes my hands look like I just finished scrubbing the kitchen and calls to mind that Gone With The Wind scene, where Rhett asks Scarlett what she's been doing with her hands, because all the feathers and velvet curtains can't hide her hands, ruined by field work.

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