Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fade to Blue- Bulgari Blu Absolute

The connection between expensive jewelry and perfume isn't exclusive to Bulgari. Cartier, Tiffany and the magnificent JAR are all doing it successfully. While Bulgari perfumes probably sell more than all the others (combined?), they usually bore me to tears (with the notable exception of Bulgari Black, but even that isn't something I ever felt I had to own: When it comes to rubber and vanilla, Dzing! by L'Artisan is much more interesting and satisfying for me); I also suspect that there's something in most of them that completely evades my nose. I can't even smell the Omnia series. It's just not there. Add Kate Moss, who is the current face of their Pour Femme, and no wonder I never considered owning a bottle of any Bulgari perfume.

Would the limited edition of Bulgari Blu Absolute change this?

The answer is no.

Blu Absolute (2002) is supposed to be a deeper, more concentrated version of the original Blu, and it has the same official notes of spicy citrus, ginger, mimosa, wisteria, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. The opening is sharp and peppery, the ginger is more loud than exotic or warm and the whole thing smells chemical and synthetic. The under-the-sink aroma mellows down within 15-20 minutes, into a sweet, musky floral. It's a relief from the opening, but that's all I can say for it.

As the fragrance dries down the infamous musk more or less over and I can barely smell the remains of the fragrance. Yes, there's some vanilla there, but sandalwood? who knows. It's been swallowed by the invisible musk.

My personal feeling is that the people of Bulgari are aiming low, as in Light Blue low. There's nothing that feels expensive, luxurious or special about it, which is really a shame. Their name deserves far better than this perfume, which is (not surprisingly) available for 50% or less of its original price tag from most online discounters.


  1. I haven't tried the absolute yet, but I do love the original. I've been thinking of buying it for a long time now. I do appreciate Bulgari 'fumes actually. The opening of Blu is strange and slightly off putting, but as you describe with the absolute, it soon mellows down and becomes (on my skin at least) this most beautiful, powdery, quasi-innocent scent that I find myself wanting to sniff and sniff constantly. As you might imagine from this, I am left with my wrist stuck to my nose until it fades!

  2. I kinda like the original Blu (which is powdery), not impressed with the Absolute, but really love the Blu Notte. Have you tried that one? It's iris powder and a slight hint of cocoa. Not sweet, dry.

  3. Someone gave me a bottle of Blv, and while it's pleasant, it's never the first thing I reach for...

    I really should just send it to Divina...

  4. Divina- I'm jealous. I could definitely use some beautiful, powdery scent, and I know Blv lovers enjoy it so much. It's just my Bvlgari-anosmic nose and weird skin that wouldn't let me enjoy this one.

    Helg- The notes for Notte definitely sound wonderful. I think it isn't supposed to have ginger, which might be the most off-putting part for me in BA. I'll have to dig among my sample stash. I probably have Notte somewhere there.

    Tom- Sounds like a good idea :)

  5. The blue in your picture, on the other hand, is great. And it makes you wonder: What would be a blue note in a fragrance? Funny enough: It is none of the notes you listed. I think blue is a difficult color when it comes to perfumes, except when heading for watery light stuff.

  6. Gaia,

    trust me I do not like prominent ginger either and Notte doesn't have any ;-)


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