Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ask the Non-Blonde: The Makeup Edition

Another crop of questions sent to me by email, that might be of interest to the public.

Johanna asks:
"I really want to try black liquid liner, but I'm clueless about applying it and don't want to end up looking like Amy Winehouse. Any recommendations?"

My reply:
Two months ago I would have told you to try Lancome Artliner, which is basically a felt tip pen for lining your eyes. That's what I, a certified klutz, have used for nearly twenty years. I still think it's a great product which gives great results whether you're a beginner or a pro. However, since discovering Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, it's become my number one liner. The texture is great even for a less-than-stable hand, and is pretty Winehouse-proof. Buy the recommended brush and start practicing.

S. from Colorado asks:
"How exactly do you apply a bronzer? Also, do I need a blush on top of it? Where does it go?"

My reply:
Using a soft, full brush (the fluffiest the brush, the more subtle the results), swipe the bronzer drawing a cursive "E" on the left side of your face, starting just left to the middle of your forehead and ending at your chin. Repeat by drawing a "3" on the other side (see Ms. M. Lisa below). A light touch on the chin and nose is recommended (but optional. Not every face actually requires it). I don't always add blush, especially if I'm going for a more natural look, but when I do I just put it on the apple of my cheek. No contouring, shading or anything like that. It might look great in pictures, but for real life it's too painted and overdone.

Regina from Belgium asks:
"I don't think I can wear red lipstick. Every last one I tried looked awful on pasty white with red cheeks skin. Is it a must this season?"

My reply:
No, it isn't.
While I do believe there's some kind of red for everyone, I truly object to the "must have/must wear/must do" mentality. Fashion and trends are for fun, not to make anyone feel inadequate. If something doesn't work for you (or even if you just don't like it), just skip it. There are plenty of colors and options available every season, just choose the right one for you. All the big companies (as well as major stores like Sephora) present their latest looks on their websites. Find one that you like and you'll still have an updated look that makes you feel pretty.


  1. love the illustration :)

    also, if i don't want bronzer on all of my face (sometimes it's too much) i brush it high on my forehead, by my hairline. i'm so pale that having it in the middle of my forehead or temples makes it look fake, but just that little touch makes me feel more glowy and like i *gasp* have some color.

  2. About the liquid liner: I use Yves Saint Laurent "Easy liner for eyes", it looks like a thin golden pen and it works just like a pen - so easy! And it's good for the subtle effect. After I master application with this liner - then maybe I'll get brave and try something bolder.


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