Thursday, December 13, 2007

Curing a bad hair day- Carol's Daughter Hair Balm

Carol's Daughter hair products were originally created to answer the hair care needs of African American women , but they are excellent for anyone with thick, dry or unruly hair. The hair milk is one of my favorite leave-in treatments, so I was happy to try the hair balm.

I have a lot of hair. It's long, thick and you can't argue with it, just go along with whatever it's doing. Like a mythological beast, respect it, bring it an offering and it'll let you live. But sometimes I do have a bad hair day, which requires a little extra care. That's where the balm fits in.

All I need is a very small amount, not more than grape size, worked into the problem area. It moisturizes, smooths, detangles and takes care of any frizz. It took a few tries to figure out just how much my hair needs, because the balm is very rich, and while not really greasy, it can weigh my hair down too much.

The smell is very "hair salon" and almost nostalgic, but there's a whiff of patchouli that might bother some, which I actually thought was nice. It doesn't matter much, though, because you need to actually press your nose to my hair if you want to smell it. There's no sillage, thankfully, and it doesn't clash with my perfume.

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  1. I live in a country where it is humid 90% of the time and frizz is a major problem.. I have tried *everything* imaginable, but bar a good blowout (sooo bad for the hair, so I don't do it often), nothing seems to work very very well. The closest thing to hair bliss I've found so far are the Fekai products, but I am willing give this Hair Balm a try. I'll try anything, basically...

  2. Oooh! Great! You have totally given me a Christmas present for a friend of mine- and I might have to get some of the shea butter stuff myself!

  3. Hi Gaia,

    Whew interesting information about hair care... hair balm..have to check it out...thank you ....

    Well at the same time... Vinegar is a good home remedy for dry hair and it can be used in several ways to improve the hygiene and shine of dry hair.

  4. I don't know what happened to the comments email notifications, but I just now realized I had any (insert an embarrassed emoticon)...

    Divina- I lived in a similar climate to yours for many years, so I know the pain. Try the balm and also the hair milk. It's a great leave-in conditioner that works wonders on my hair. If you can't get it in Europe, let me know. I'll be happy to help.

    Tom- I'm glad I could help! This stuff can make a big difference for those of us with a serious hair situation. I hope your friend likes the gift.

    HWC- I've heard good things about using vinegar for hair, but I'm too sensitie to the smell.


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