Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elegance in the Shower: Molton Brown

While we all know that products that basically go down the drain as you use them are not the best splurge value, there's something to be said for showering in something that feels elegant and luxurious.

While not comparing to a matching body products for one's favorite scents (think Chanel or Guerlain soaps and lotions), Having Molton Brown bottles in your shower gives the place an understated grownup elegance, much like the scents inside them.

I tried the Radiant lili-pili hairwash (that's Molton Bronish for shampoo), which is made for daily use, and is, indeed, gentle enough on the scalp and hair, and leaves a clean feeling. The scent is very faint and doesn't linger which is fine with me, as a heavy user of leave-in conditioners. No bad side effects as far as my scalp and hairline are concerned.

The other product I tested was Enlivening toko-yuzu bath shower. I love the unisex citrus-woody scent, and wouldn't have objected for a better lasting power. I probably need to try the matching lotion. The shower gel is gentle and non-drying, my sensitive skin didn't protest after a full week of use, so it's all good.

Bottom line: At a price range equivalent to L'Occitane, Molton Brown products are another good option. For me personally, since the length of my hair means that I'm going through big shampoo and conditioner bottles at the same rate some people go through milk, the hair products are more of an occasional treat, while the bath and body ones can easily fit into my daily routine.

Art: Le Bain, Alfred Emile Leopold Stevens, 1823 ,Musee d' Orsay, Paris

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