Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Which I Don't Learn My Lesson (But There's still A Happy End)

Neither the miserable experience I had at the YSL counter when I asked to see and test the Pur Black lip gloss, nor my previous attempt at wearing an ultra dark lip color (I ended up giving it away to someone much younger) have deterred me from buying it online. After all, Sephora has a great return policy and customer service.

I opened the package and applied it right away on naked lips and without looking at the mirror. The look on the husband's face, though, did not say " a cosmetic jewel ... and a spectacular fashion statement". It said "horror". A glance at the mirror and I knew why. My lips were unevenly covered with sticky purplish ink.

I wiped it clean and decided to do the smart thing and put a much lighter color underneath first and then accent it with the Pur Black. Remembering something about a plum tone, I made the miserable choice of Bobbi Braun Mauve gloss. It's a bit edgy, but by itself it's an almost nude neutral on my lips. However, when worn together with the black gloss, the result was scary and purple. In a dead way.

Before taking the gloss back, I decided to test it over a couple of my daytime reds. One was an old Lancome and another a just-purchased Chanel. The original lipsticks were soft, mellow reds. Topping them with a light (gently, carefully applied) layer of Pur Black transformed them into a glossy black cherry color, quite elegant and definitely sexy. So that's what this is about.

The gloss is a new formula, shimmer-free and far less sticky than you might think from looking at the shine. It has the same herbal scent I dislike in the Golden Gloss series, but it fades quickly. The lasting power is not impressive and the first cup of hot tea does away with it. Use a mirror to reapply. And a lip liner. I mean it.

YSL makeup is availble from most good department stores, and Sephora. I bought my gloss ($28) from

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  1. Hey girl!
    I too never learn my lesson about dark lip gloss! I just can't help myself! I went to buy this black one too but the man at the counter actually stopped me, 'just for runway' he said. I still secretly wanted it though! Now that I know you can put it under red I might have to check it out!

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