Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is Grunge Really Making A Comeback?

Amidst all the other dark forecasts, here's another one to worry about:
The Return of Grunge *
I'm not retiring my Manolos any time soon, but what do you think?

*Sorry, link no longer active. The original web site, Urbania, went down, and the article (by Kelly Kreth) hasn't been republished yet.



  1. Shoes like that are favorite among Swedish people which influenced on me at some grade:-)) I can see me wearing a pair Converse shoes with classical trousers or jacket, just to add some edge in the look.

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  3. Sorry-

    Grunge fit me like Docs did. Not quite, and gave me blisters.

  4. Nelli, I have a pair of pink Converse shoes somewhere in the closet. I love them, just can't find it in me to wear them regularly.

  5. Tom, you and me both. there will be no plaid flannel in my closet.

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  7. It may be here..its the 15 year comes around..was grunge at off shot-of punk?..If it is on it way I dont't think it will be as dark...grunge lite if you will.


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