Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Odd Ball- Ojon Tawaka "The White Ball"

Ojon Tawaka had a lot going against it as far as I was concerned. I'm not a bar of soap person, for reasons from germaphobia, cats who likes to play in the (dry and empty) bath, a deep dislike for soap scum and a general preference for the texture of shower gels and creams. And it's unscented.

But this ball has won me over completely in recent weeks. I can't think of any other shower product that showed this much kindness to my very dry skin, while not being oily and actually delivering a clean feeling. Looking at the ingredient list, it seemed more like a moisturizer than a cleanser: it's all about cocoa butter and several oils and extracts. But somehow it works and feels nice in the process. I'd probably go for something stronger had I needed to seriously de-slime myself, but it delivers well for the normal filth level of suburban life.

The ball comes with a little bowl and a metal drain that holds it in place. It's a bit awkward to hold and use at first, because the thing is quite big, but no special technique is required. There's no residue in the bath to complain about, and the ball still holds its shape and texture after weeks of use. Surprisingly enough, the cats show absolutely no interest in it, and I got used to the nutty, buttery smell which reminds me of a cross between black soap and shea butter. Not exactly Guerlinade, but I can live with it if the result is legs without the cuir de crocodile look.

Ojon Tawaka "The White Ball" ($65) is available from Sephora. I got it as a PR freebie.


  1. Very interesting product - it's design will make every bathroom look trendy and it's cosmetic qualities are appealing too, for those who have delicate skin especially.

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