Thursday, October 29, 2009

Plaid- Now and Then

I was looking at the William Rast website (Justin Timberlake's fashion line. Yes, I know I'm not the target customer) and thinking there was not enough money in the world anyone could pay to make me leave the house dressed like that. I had a similar top to the black/red one in 1985, only in blue and probably better cut. Then I started browsing and found the other side of plaid. From 1943:

William Rast tops $165-$185,
Vintage photos from Montgomery Ward spring/summer 1943 collection:


  1. $185 for L. L. Bean plaid with a slightly better cut? No freaking way!

    Those plaids from the 40's, so great. DId you know that one of the reasons those designs were so tailored and slim fitting is that fabrics were rationed? Designers had to figure out how to use every last scrap. The "New Look" was as much shrugging off the mannish look of the war years and returning to femininity as it was joy at the ability to use fabric in such an extravagant way again.

  2. Heck, I still wear plaid. LIked it in the 80s, still like it now. The Lands End catalogue has some great flannel shirts - very comfy in the winter.
    Oh dear - I just outed myself, didn't I?

  3. Nope, plaid is something I just don't do anymore, along with corduroy pants, turtlenecks, dainty flower prints and ruffles. Now, in the 40s they knew how to do plaid - so classy and well-cut, and you didn't look as though you were about to light a campfire.


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