Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Currently- November 2014

Mandy Aftel- Fragrant. Review coming soon. I keep meaning to read some fiction next, but there are always more books about the Royal Family.

Agnes Obel

Find Your Roots on PBS. I'm so jealous of those who can trace their ancestry further than my four generations.

I've been testing Ego Facto perfumes and liking several of them. I'm also on a vintage binge, but what else is new?

All of a sudden I've become mascara-crazy.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Skinny black pants, flowy silk tops, high-heel boots.

Pasta. What else?

Once More With Extreme Prejudice. It's a re-watching Buffy blog. I wish I've thought about it myself.

Sophie is having some anxiety issues.

I had the loveliest birthday.

More time with friends.

The image at the top by George Barbier is taken from an old book, The romance of perfume by Richard Le Gallienne. I'd love to find a copy in a good condition that doesn't cost like a Roja Dove perfume.

Random Thought
I wonder what would happen if the Husband and I ever participate in Love It Or List It (and can Eddie do our kitchen?)

How about you? Please share your current loves and thoughts.


  1. Book: Re-reading Late Beethoven by Maynard Solomon

    Music: Murray Perahia playing Back partitas

    TV: Enjoying the ever campy Sleepy Hallow

    Perfume: Musc Ravageur

    Makeup: TF's Plum Lush has become my evening go-to.

    Frequently worn outfit/item: Flip-flops for outdoors and fuzzy slipper socks for indoors. I injured my foot and can't
    get into my shoes just yet.

    Food: I converted my ratatouille recipe into soup by adding additional broth and a handful of Israeli couscous.
    Simmer 'till flavors meld and serve with hot, crusty garlic bread. Yum!

    Bane: Nope! Nada! No banes!

    Joy: Good friends, loving family, wonderful dogs, the beauty of the changing seasons, the start of the holiday season.

    Anticipation: Having my sons, their special ladies, and their little dogs in residence for the long Thanksgiving weekend. They're such a joyous combination group.

    Wishlist: I wish that everyone traveling for the holidays will have a safe journey and a wonderful time when they reach their destination.

    Random thought: I was shocked to learn that the polar bear population in eastern Alaska and western Canada had plunged by 40% due to warming and yet some people still think global warming is a bunch of crock. What will it take to convince them it is not a myth? A drop in human population of 40% ???

  2. Happy late birthday!
    TV: Still stuck in 7th century Ireland - a surprisingly positive time for women. Finished Nicola Griffith's Hild and am now reading Peter Tremayne's Absolution by Murder. Also reading Mandy's Fragrant - brilliant!

    Perfume: Apart from Mandy's perfumes, find myself repeatedly reaching for Le Galion's Sortilege, Molyneux's Le Numero Cinq, Weil's Cassandra and Coty's Styx.

    TV: Am hoping there will be more of Masterpiece's Worriker series - have really enjoyed it.

    Wearing: New scarves. Swore I would not succumb to my scarf addiction this year. Failed. Can't resist gorgeous scarves.

    Joy: One of the feral cats I feed has actually reached a point of trust where he will rub his head against my forehead when I put his food down and purrs like a freight train - huge joy! However, he still won't let me pet him with my hands and he's also one of my greatest worries as, despite having been fixed, he continues to get into fights constantly and won't stay overnight in the heated, well cushioned houses I have for them. I would give anything to be able to bring him indoors with our other cats (all of who were feral originally), but he and the other ferals I feed are just too old and set in their ways and there are no shelters here which will take them.

    Anticipation: Spring.

  3. I'm watching Love It or List It right now!


  4. Book: Mozipedia

    Music: Morrissey - Years of Refusal

    TV: Last Tango In Halifax

    Perfume: Messe de Minuit, CdG Incense Series, various patchoulis, Le Parfum de Thérèse

    Makeup: my regular dynamic duo for November - MAC Lady Danger (or Danvgerous or So Chaud) on lips, Essie Clambake on nails

    Anticipation: first snow that would stay, and bring an illusion of light


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