Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lindsay Lohan & Charlotte Tilbury


If I were launching my own makeup line (or anything, really), and had to make a list of celebrity I'd like to see at my event or using my products, I'm pretty sure Lindsay Lohan wouldn't be there. The other real celebrity at the launch of Charlotte Tilbury's 'Backstage Beauty Booth' counter in the Beauty Hall at Fenwick, London, was model Amber Le Bon (Simon and Yasmin's daughter), a much better fit. But really, few personalities are more off-putting than Lindsay Lohan. I'm not buying.


  1. Even without LiLo, I find her brand to be garish. The names of the makeup, the packaging, the makeup look are not for everyday week. Punk rock chic and the trashy aspect of Hollywood.

  2. They both look appalling that they could be sisters! LOL

  3. I'm nowhere near a fan of Lohan, but a Holier-than-Thou attitude, especially when your entire likelihood is working with celebs, probably won't help either.

  4. What annoys me most is the sheer shirt and bra combo.

  5. I wasn't buying even before she enlisted Lindsay. That just confirmed the decision.

  6. Actually, I think Lohan is perfectly in keeping with the image of Tilbury's brand. I had a chance to see the collection when it debuted at The Grove here in LA. I must agree with Anonymous@3:12 that the collection taken as a whole seemed garish and, I'd like to add, oddly dated. Tilbury loves to promote a hip and glitzy glamazon vibe that just seems so passé (think Jerry Hall in her hay-day). The product quality itself ranges from average to good, but there was nothing that really stood out for me. I did purchase a few items from the Uptown collection just to give the brand a try but I don't seem to be using them very much. I remember when the collection was still in the works and so many people were expecting it to be a less expensive version of Tom Ford. Well, it isn't. The only similarity seems to be in their use of sex as a marketing ploy, but whereas TF embraces the erotic, Tilbury goes for hoochy-mama. Tilbury's much anticipated debut made a big splash as befitting her bigger than life personality, but I think her products are better suited to Sephora than a select few department store counters. Her target seems to be girls and young women who want the

    1. Ooops! Sorry about that. The last sentence should have read: . . . girls and young women who want the flashier side of celebrity/model looks.

  7. Not a great celebrity choice to get your brand embraced.


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