Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vintage Hats- Part 1

Cléopatra Diane de Mérode, an actress and dancer during the Belle Epoque

I started buying and wearing hats during senior year of high school. I was growing my hair back after nearly two years of various pixie cuts, and the in-between stage was insufferable, uneven, and out of control. It was the eighties, and fashion was somewhat limited in the headgear department, but I had a bunch of poorboy caps and berets, mostly in neutral colors that could go with most outfits (it was also the era of matching everything). Today I wear hats to protect from the sun, the cold, and because they're fun. I still have one beret that I bought in London in 1989, but most of my collection is from the last 15 years, bought at Saks, vintage stores, and everything in between. Browsing through my collection of images I realized that I have so many to share that this post will have a second part next week.


Model in a Nina Ricci dress, photo by John French, 1960s

1971, Actress Jacqueline Bisset for Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Givenchy 1981 in a fashion prediction for 2001

Twiggy by Avedon, Vogue 1967

Anjelica Huston in a Fashion editorial by Richard Avedon. Vogue, 1968

A more recent Anjelica

Au bord de la mer, 1936 by Andreas Feininger

Audrey, the one and only

Ava Gardner

Street style, 1960s

I had that hat (and decorated it accordingly)

Brigitte Bardot, 1960s

Vogue UK, 1972

Charm Magazine March 1959, Model: Anne St Marie


The inimitable Dovima, 1957

Balenciaga, what else?

Dovima, 1956

Jacques Fath hat

“Two of a Kind” 1950’s - Photo by Kenneth Heilbron
Dovima, 1957

Faye Dunaway by Jerry Schatzberg

George Dambier, Girl in Red at the Concorde Place, for ELLE Winter Collection, Paris 1957

All photos via My Vintage Vogue, Top Models of the World, and Stirred, Straight Up With a Twist.


  1. Such fantastic photos! Adore hats and wear them throughout the year. Just bought two new wide brimmed ones for the winter last week. One of the things that started me on my recent (ongoing) vintage magazine collecting were some of the covers with irresistibly gorgeous hats. I wish hats would come back into fashion in a real way.

  2. wow - loved this post. some ah-maz-ing images (and amazing hats too).

  3. Love hats! Love the pics! The 50's images seem the most stunning to me - oh to be so polished!

  4. In the Victorian mini-series "Wives and Daughters" at the end of the fourth episode, Lady Harriet Cumnor is wearing one of the most bodacious hats I've ever seen. (I've actually seen hats more bodacious than this one, but this is one that I actually liked.)

  5. Question: I have a gorgeous angora wide-brim hat I bought in Paris last year, but I'm always hesitant to wear it. Do you take it off when you go to a restaurant, or shopping, or whatever (I know etiquette says no, but it seems so ostentatious)? Does it get in the way when you're driving? Once you put it on for the day you're kind of committed, since it flattens your hair, but for some reason it seems strange to wear it indoors.

    1. Ashley, I remove my hat when driving or when it gets in the way (especially the wide-brimmed ones). Otherwise I just go with with what feels most comfortable, and ignore hat hair if need to.

  6. Great post. I absolutely love love love hats. They are so much fun - even more than shoes. Unfortunately, I have a small head, so I have to try on a lot to find one that I like and that fits. It's more than worth it though.

  7. Wonderful - thank you, Gaia!

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