Wednesday, April 22, 2015

YSL Full Metal Shadow 07 Aquatic Copper

My good intentions to stay away from new cream or liquid eye shadows went out of the window as soon as I heard about YSL Full Metal Shadow. They appeared similar to the Armani ones, only in a different range of colors. So I had to. The online photo of No.7, Aquatic Copper, looked especially appealing, so I pre-ordered it from Nordstrom and waited for the magic to appear on my doorstep.

What can go wrong?

The texture, that's what.

YSL Full Metal Shadow is, indeed, similar to the aforementioned Armani eye tints but even more runny. This makes them harder to work with, even though the applicator is better designed and slightly smaller. However, at least in the one I tested, Aquatic Copper, the very liquid texture is uneven, making the pigment and glitter slightly separate. I've used all the tricks I've learned from wearing the Armani ones, but the result was still not satisfactory. I have to really pile on the layers (which means longer setting time), and to add insult to a hot mess, there's some glitter fallout, which is rather unacceptable for a liquid eye shadow.

The color itself is rather pretty, even though it isn't anywhere near what you see online on the Nordstrom site. I hoped for much more complexity, but got a straight out copper with unevenly distributed silvery microglitter. Above you see the swatch comparison to Armani #10 Senso, which is a much more interesting option.

Bottom Line: Skip.

YSL Full Metal Shadow 07 Aquatic Copper ($30) is available at the counters and online.


  1. Fallout in a liquid formula? Wow that is quite the achievement! Such a pity because at least the colour that you have is quite pretty

    I love cream eyeshadows, but I cannot remember of a liquid eyeshadow that I owned

  2. You have to wonder sometimes who thinks this performance is acceptable. I've seen some swatches of the other shades which are very disappointing; this one looks impressive in comparison. It's kind of embarrassing for a company with a certain level of quality to put out products that don't perform as described.

  3. The color is so pretty and just what I've been looking for but how disappointing the performance is sub-par. I have to agree with Evelyn, I expect far more from YSL.

  4. I have the Armani in Greet Iron and I love it, I find it so easy to work with and it really lasts. I'll avoid this one though!!


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