Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint: Minuit 2 & Senso 10

I resisted buying any of the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints for weeks and weeks, insisting that I have all the cream eye shadows I could want, and didn't need anything else with a metallic finish. I stubbornly ignored online swatches and reports, though I did admire the way they looked on my friend (and biggest enabler). Resistance was futile. These things were just too gorgeous to avoid. So I did the reasonable thing and got one neutral color (#10 Senso) and the navy blue #2 Minuit and started playing.

I'm used to cream eye shadows being a foolproof kind of thing, but the texture, finish, and applicator of Giorgio armani Eye Tints makes them somewhat less intuitive. They're more liquid than cream (though not actually runny), have an intense pigmentation and a beautiful finish of a metallic sheen, as long as you pat the color down and don't sheer or overblend it. Then there's the question of just how much eye tint is right for an eye look, because the spongy applicator is rather large for a precise placement or for distributing the product where you actually want it.

I've tried several methods and various degrees of blending with both colors. If all you want is a sheer wash I don't think Armani Eye Tint is the right product. You'll lose all that's special about it and most likely end up with a muddy mess. That's why I was surprised when I watched this Pixiwoo tutorial and saw Nic use her Senso Eye Tint to create a grungy look. It ends up very pretty, but less grunge than I expected. It's something to consider, for sure, but I;m still not sold on this application.

I've tried fingers, but the issue of precision and muddiness was the same. Blending with a brush was better, but I've found the MAC 217 to be too large. Eventually I settled on small flat-shaped detail brushes, the tinier the better. Laying down the color in small pats exactly where I want it, intensifying where needed and carefully blending at the edges did the trick. This way I can create the shape I want, keeping most of the shine to the middle of the mobile lid. Another way to go is to use the tint as a vibrant eyeliner with the appropriate brush and create a shiny winged look, if that's your thing.

I've also found that the Eye Tints perform best over a primer (I mostly use NARS). Senso was especially prone to fading otherwise. The formula dries very quickly and stays in place for a full day. It doesn't melt in the rain and requires a good makeup remover to get rid of it (the classic Bioderma water works well). The finish can be incredibly smooth and doesn't crease. But it's all in the application.

Bottom Line: more for color enthusiasts and not for novices.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint ($38 each) is available at select department stores and from Sephora.


  1. Hi Gaia! I bought a few of these recently. Actually only got them two days ago. Used my Hourglass Crease brush to work it... And seriously had ZERO problems makimg it work. I had read all the reviews and was worried about the application, but this brush (a HG to cream liquid eye products) made the application so effortless, and I'm not even good at it. I mean, I struggle. So if you get the chance, try it if you don't already have it.

  2. I have one of these - Onyx, which is actually a pale silvery green/turquoise. I use it as a liner on the bottom (I tightline the bottom lid, then apply a lighter shimmery line under the bottom lashes - it tends to brighten the eye. No shadow on upper lid). I've used a Bobbi Brown tiny cream liner brush, which has worked quite well. Lasts all day long! I haven't had much luck using Bioderma to remove eye makeup - I use it on the rest of my fact, then Lancome Bi-facil to remove eye makeup - that does the trick for me!

  3. I got one of these immediately when they came out, I could not resist, a pinky lavender taupey color (leather?) but I feel like I'm not using it to its full potential. I've been using fingers to pat it on, and a 217 to blend, then dabbing a bit on lower lash line... Will try your suggestions. The consistency is unique and I think will resist drying out better than so many of my poor lovely creme shadows...I want to conquer these! I want more colors!

  4. Ps: perhaps you've addressed this but I wonder why you never post pictures of yourself wearing the products? I'd love to see how they look ON!

  5. I was so totally disappointed by these when I played with them at my local Saks. Some of the colors are gorgeous, but the formula is just not something I want to deal with. I was also disappointed in the packaging which felt really cheap when compared to other products in their line. I honestly expect more from GA, especially for a product at this price point.


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